27th October – SVAMITVA Scheme

SVAMITVA Scheme In a historic move set to transform rural India and empower millions of Indians, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched the physical distribution of Property Cards under the SVAMITVA Scheme. What is ‘SVAMITVA Scheme’? SVAMITVA is a Central Sector Scheme of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, which was launched by the Prime …

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26th October – Solar Energy in India

The emerging solar landscape in India Solar energy is considered as the most abundant energy resource on this planet. The basic science behind the creation of solar energy is that the Hydrogen atoms in the Sun’s core combine to form Helium which generates energy through the process of nuclear fusion. Then it can be trapped and used as a renewable energy source which is very helpful for society …

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Prelims Booster

24th October – Prelims Booster

International Labour Organisation After 35 years, India has assumed the Chairmanship of the Governing Body of International Labour Organisation, marking a new chapter in the 100 years of productive relationship between India and ILO. About International Labour Organisation – International Labour Organisation was established in the year 1919 by the Treaty of Versailles as an …

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24th October – Promotion of nutri-cereals

Promotion of nutri-cereals During the recent speech on ‘World Food Day’, Prime Minister made focus on the production of millets, also now known as “nutri-cereals”. Giving examples of nutri-cereals like jowar, bajra and ragi, PM Modi also shared how the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has endorsed India’s call for declaring 2023 as the “International …

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Prelims Booster

23rd October – Prelims Booster

OSIRIS-REx Recently, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx — Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer — spacecraft briefly touched asteroid Bennu, from where it is meant to collect samples of dust and pebbles and deliver them back to Earth in 2023. What is an asteroid? Asteroids are rocky objects that orbit the Sun, much smaller than planets. …

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23rd October – Digital Payments

Digital payments Digital payments have found strong ground, especially in India, increasingly relegating all other modes of payments to the background. It is through a faster system of simultaneous debits and credits that the money value is transferred from one account to the other across banks. With such versatility and ease of settling financial transactions, …

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22nd October – Defence Offsets

Defence Offset Policy Recently, the government diluted the “offset” policy in defence procurement. Many contend that the move is a setback for augmenting domestic capabilities or for realising the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Offset clause – Large buyers of defence equipment and advanced technologies such as India seek to exercise their “buying power” to secure …

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