GS Paper 3

This section of the blog contains Syllabus for GS-3 for easy reference in the first post and other posts are various important articles written by team RMISG to help you have a consolidated study material in one place

MTCR, NSG, Australia Group and Wassenaar Arrangement

MTCR: What is the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)? Established in April 1987, it is a voluntary association of 34 countries — 35, once...   Read More

Saudi Arabia: Crisis of legitimacy

Few days ago, the Financial Times published an article showing how Saudi Arabia had lost market share in more than half of its most...   Read More

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Technology is improving at a rapid pace, as many things are possible today that were not possible 10 years ago even if we tried...   Read More

International Solar Alliance

On the sidelines of the plenary 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference – 21st yearly Conference of Parties at Paris, India has pledged to...   Read More

Transnational Corporations and sovereignty

In the last few decades the activities of transnational corporations aided by tax havens on one side and terrorists on the other side have...   Read More

Moving towards a cashless society

With the recent move to demonetize higher denomination currency, it is clear that the Government wants Indian economy to move towards a cashless economy....   Read More

Contemporary issues between India and Pakistan

You cannot defeat an enemy whom you cannot define. If Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism against India, then Pakistan is an enemy state. Realpolitik says...   Read More

Dubai’s success story and lessons for India

As governments across the Middle East try to wean themselves off natural resources and build diversified, resilient economies, they should take some lessons from...   Read More

Tracking India-Israel partnership

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin started his first state visit to India. This visit will provide crucial push to our efforts to build new pillars...   Read More

Debate: ‘No-first use’ nuclear doctrine

India’s ‘No first use’ nuclear doctrine was recently questioned by the Defence Minister when he said that India should state that “it is a...   Read More

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