GS Paper 3

This section of the blog contains Syllabus for GS-3 for easy reference in the first post and other posts are various important articles written by team RMISG to help you have a consolidated study material in one place

Climate Change | Agreements

Part 1 of this Series : Climate Change | An Overview International arrangements to combat climate change When the dangers of climate change loomed...   Read More

Climate Change : An Overview

Climate Change | What is it? Climate change is an apparent change in global or regional weather patterns. Since the advent of 20th century,...   Read More

BRICS | All you need to know

BRICS | What is it? BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is meant to highlight the combined potential of non-western powers controlling...   Read More

Arbitration : An Indian Perspective

The government has been trying hard to give a major push to arbitration, an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism, for commercial disputes.  While the...   Read More

UPSC Mains Test Paper | Economy

To Download the Economy Test : Click Here

Bank Defaulter’s list

CONTEXT RBI has submitted a Bank defaulters’ list to the SC and requested it not to reveal the names to the public, citing confidentiality....   Read More

Nuclear Abolition : Justification

Nuclear Abolition | Humanitarian Necessity: No effective humanitarian response possible Effects of radiation on human beings would cause suffering and death many years after...   Read More

Greece’s Economic Crises

  Greece’s Economic Crises | Background UK referendum on European Union (EU) membership Refugee crisis Increasingly desperate European Central Bank (ECB). Greece, which is...   Read More

Chabahar Port: Strategic Importance

Chabahar Port | Strategic Importance for India International North- South Transport Corridor (INSTC) connects South and Central Asia to North Europe via Russia. Iran...   Read More

Nuclear Security Summits

Nuclear Security Summits | Purpose Nuclear Security Summits purpose is to prevent non-state actors, particularly terrorists, from acquiring nuclear material Origin US President Obama...   Read More

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