GS Paper 3

This section of the blog contains Syllabus for GS-3 for easy reference in the first post and other posts are various important articles written by team RMISG to help you have a consolidated study material in one place

Bank Defaulter’s list

CONTEXT RBI has submitted a Bank defaulters’ list to the SC and requested it not to reveal the names to the public, citing confidentiality....   Read More

Nuclear Abolition : Justification

Nuclear Abolition | Humanitarian Necessity: No effective humanitarian response possible Effects of radiation on human beings would cause suffering and death many years after...   Read More

Greece’s Economic Crises

  Greece’s Economic Crises | Background UK referendum on European Union (EU) membership Refugee crisis Increasingly desperate European Central Bank (ECB). Greece, which is...   Read More

Chabahar Port: Strategic Importance

Chabahar Port | Strategic Importance for India International North- South Transport Corridor (INSTC) connects South and Central Asia to North Europe via Russia. Iran...   Read More

Nuclear Security Summits

Nuclear Security Summits | Purpose Nuclear Security Summits purpose is to prevent non-state actors, particularly terrorists, from acquiring nuclear material Origin US President Obama...   Read More

Maritime Security of India

Maritime Security of India is faced with multiple and complex security and strategic challenges. There is political turmoil and instability in the immediate neighbourhood....   Read More

Economy: Liquidity Revamp is not QE

RBI’s liquidity revamp is not QE Context : Reserve Bank of India have cut lending rates by 25 basis points and have asked banks...   Read More

Cloud Seeding – An Overview

Exploding demand of water resources and continued population growth has giving rise to the problem of water scarcity in many regions of our planet....   Read More

Devaluation of Yuan | Inside View

Devaluation of Yuan | An overview The decision of  “The People’s Bank Of China” (PBOC) to devalue its currency (Yuan) surprised markets and has...   Read More

Zika Virus – 8 Things You Need To Know

Zika virus is the latest vector borne disease which is threatening mankind. It is a mosquito-borne virus which is prompting worldwide concern because of...   Read More

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