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PIB Summary Relevant for UPSC Examinations

Raj Malhotra IAS logoAs an initiative towards helping the aspirants of Civil Services, RMISG will be posting daily summary of PIB releases as they happen. Many a times the PIB becomes an information overload and the aspirant spends too much time just over them.  

In today’s competitive world; time is the biggest enemy of an aspirant. Hard work needs to be substituted with SMART work, and this is our endeavour towards that.

Why should you read PIB ?

The Press Information Bureau, commonly abbreviated as PIB, is a nodal agency of the Government of India and as such adds authenticity to the facts and figures. It entails Programes, Policies, initiatives and other updates of the Government of India. It is a great source for awareness on national issues. Further there are selective articles on personalities and their contribution to the world, which add to the knowledge base of an aspirant.

These are of paramount importance for an aspirant appearing for UPSC Prelims. There are times when the Newspapers miss out on important topics (for an aspirant) but PIB issues their releases on topics however un-glamorous the topic might be.

What can you Expect from this initiative of RMISG

  • Summary of PIB releases on regular basis (Usually Daily)
  • Summary of the most important PIB releases presented to the aspirant in an easy to read manner
  • Ready made notes of each release so that it can be incorporated into your schedule; making you a SMARTer student and not just a HARD worker
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