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Raj Malhotra

Raj Malhotra Managing Director

Founder Member

Raj Malhotra has been active in this field for 12 years and as a result of his commitment towards his students, he is perhaps the best known name in Chandigarh for UPSC preparation. His mentorship has yielded literally hundreds of selections over the years. His forte is Political Science and History.

Jagpal Dhanoa Director

Founder Member

Jagpal Dhanoa has been actively involved in teaching Polity and Political science. At the same time he has also been writing the UPSC exam for the last three years, having reached upto the interview stage. His contemporary experience of the exam and its ever evolving nature has produced a great deal of value addition among his students and infected them with his enthusiasm for learning.


# Subject Teacher name
1 History Raj Malhotra
2 Geography Sharadha / Harshit / Haninder Singh
3 Polity Jagpal Dhanoa
4 Economy Shekhar Dutt
5 Science & Technology Haninder Singh
6 Biology Sharadha
7 Social Issues Harinder Singh
8 Indian Culture Jagpal Dhanoa
9 Ethics Raj Malhotra
10 International Relations Raj Malhotra / Jagpal Dhanoa
11 Disaster Management Harshit
12 Optional (History) Raj Malhotra
13 Optional (Political Science) Jagpal Dhanoa


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