News Update : 22nd Nov. 2015

News Update : 22nd day of Nov. 2015

News update covers the essential news articles from various newspapers segregated according to various subjects falling under the realm of civil services preparations.

The aspirants are advised to make their own notes for future reference (Point wise)

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Economy”]

  1. The anatomy of Modi government’s band-aid economics

[accordion_content accordion_label=”International Relations and Security”]

  1. The Prophet reborn: Islamic State revives Trotskyite idea of world revolution
  2. Paris marauders’ ideological forefathers were Islamic pariahs till West destroyed Ottomans with their help
  3. Ethnic divide
  4. Terrorist attacks in Paris
  5. ISIS patrons likely to remain unmolested

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Polity and Governance”]

  1. With help from diplomacy
  2. A way to judicial independence

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Miscellaneous”]

  1. No credit to the maker of modern India


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