PCS Answer KEY – 2015 (GS)

PCS Answer Key

PCS Answer Key wait is over. Finally the PCS Preliminary Examination is over today (12th day of December 2015). The mood of the aspirants is quite good in terms of how the PCS Pre papers were drafted by the PPSC, which is a big relief from what happened last year. The aspirants are satisfied with the question paper, which is a big change from what the mood was yesterday as well as in the morning; with many students not able to download their Admit cards. (The PPSC site was log jammed). But in the end they came through.

The questions in the GS Paper were distributed quite well and the aspirant who had the holistic view of his/her preparations would have done well. Even after the strenuous night and the stress of not able to get the admit cards in time, the aspirants have shown great grit and have performed well. This will further to improve the cut-off this year.

Now next will be the wait for the answer key for the paper. Well you can download the answer Key from the link below.Since the question paper was in different Sets, we have uploaded the Answer Key in such a format so that irrespective of the Question Set you would be able to find the correct answers.

To Download the PCS Answer Key for 2015 : Click Here

Do share your experiences of the exams in the comment section below and also the expected marks so that you all can have a fair idea of where you stand and what could be the expected cut off.

All the very best for your preparations for the Mains Exam.

A word of advice from our mentors :-

Do not wait for the results of the Exam. Start your preparations early. Take a day off tomorrow to cool off and get back on the horse. The mains will fast approach and the time is short. Prepare early and give your best in the Mains.

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    1. 260.5 is a very good score. We wish you all the very best. Keep up the good work and start your preparations soon for mains. Good Job.

  1. sir hydrogen and helium shouldn’t be isodiaphers??
    bcz they have diff atomic numbers and diff mass numbers but have same neutron excess.

  2. Q.9- Option 1 is incorrectly matched
    Sociological approach- G. Catlin
    George Catlin was an American painter, author, and traveler who specialized in portraits of Native Americans in the Old West.

  3. Ok let’s see the CSAT answers… Kindly reply to this thread if you find any ambiguity. This order is of Set-D
    1. Employees feel motivated to word when they
    (A) Think of performance as a tool for obtaining rewards.
    2. Acc to the passage, all of the foll contribute to an increase in employee earning, except
    (D) increased capital investment
    3. Organisations can derive max advantages by
    (B) enhancing labour productivity by increasing skills
    4. Which of the foll is true in the context of passage?
    (D) None of these
    5. Which of the foll are not true?
    (D) Both 2 and 3.
    6. Similar to ‘induce’
    (B) Stimulate

  4. Passage 2: Today, the educational value of appealing…
    7. Which of the foll are mentioned in first paragraph?
    (A) Exhibition
    8. An outstanding value of the exhibition method is that it gives
    (A) Training in appreciation
    9. Which has gained popularity in recent years?
    (B) Exhibition
    10. Why is adjective humble applied to filmstrip?
    (C) Because it is cheap and easily handled
    11. Give the meaning of ‘natural focus’
    (B) Convenient centre
    12. Name the kind of education the writer mentions in the first paragraph.
    (A) Visual Education

  5. Passage: The seventh anniversary of Mumbai attacks….
    16. The word ‘slush money’
    (C) Bribe
    17. Which is the most imp factor for success of CCTNS?
    (B) Adequate Financing
    18. The words “The project went on life support”..
    (B) The implementation was adversely affected

  6. Based on the figure
    40. How many are educated males who are not urban residents?
    (D) 11
    41. How many are females, urban residents and also civil servants?
    (C) 10
    42. How many are neither civil servants nor educated but are urban and not males?
    (B) 3

  7. 43. If a man decides to travel 80kms in 8 hours partly on foot and partly on bcycle…..
    (C) 48km
    44. A man takes 5hrs 45mins in walking to a certain place & riding back….
    (C) 7 hours 45 minutes
    45. A man’s age is 125% of what it was 10years ago but 83 1/3% of what….
    (C) 50
    46. Out of all 2-digit integers between 1 and 200, a 2-digit number…
    (D) 77/90
    47. A and B have, between them, 1200rs. A spends 12% of his money while B spends 20%…
    (D) 660
    49. At a dinner party, every 2 guests used a bowl of rice btw them, every 3 guests used a bowl of dal…
    (A) 60
    50. At the end of business conference, all the 10 people present shake hands with each other. How many handshakes?
    (B) 45
    51. Three years ago, average age of A, B and C was 27 yrs and that of B and C, 5 years ago was 20. A’s present age.
    (C) 40yrs

  8. 52. A group consisting of 25 teaches, 20 engineers, 18 doctors and 12 salesmen visited a fair and spent 1330 together…
    (B) 17.50
    53. From a number of apples, a man sells half the number of existing apples plus 1 to the first customer…
    (C) 20
    54. If ‘+’ means ‘divided by’, ‘-‘ means ‘added to’…
    (D) 290
    55. A bird shooter was asked how many birds he had in his bag. He replied that there was all sparrows but 6…
    (A) 9
    56. A man wears socks of 2 colours- black and brown…
    (A) 3

  9. Assumption questions,,,
    57. Never before was such a lucid book available on this topic..
    (A) Only assumption 1 is correct
    58. The government has decided to pay compensation to the tune of 1 lakh…
    (C) Neither assumption is implicit

  10. 61. How many parallelograms are there in the fig?
    (C) 28
    62. No of triangles and squares
    (A) 44 triangles, 10 squares
    63. No of triangles and squares
    (C) 32 triangles, 10 squares

  11. Table of sale of batteries
    64. In which case was there a continuous decrease in sales from 1992 to 1997?
    (D) 7AH
    65. What is the difference in the number of 35AH batteries sold in 1993 and 1997?
    (A) 39000
    66. The total sales in all 7years is max for which battery?
    (D) 32 AH
    67. Percentage increase of 55AH batteries
    (C) 34%

  12. 68. 7,26,63,124,215,342,?
    (D) 511
    70. 165,195,255,285,345, ?
    (A) 375
    71. “Assam” is related to “Bihu” in the same way as “Kerala” is related to
    (D) Bharatnatyam
    72. “pulp” is related to “paper”, “hemp” is related to
    (B) Yarn

  13. 75. A man is facing West. He turns 45degree in clockwise direction..
    (D) South-West
    73. NORTH is coded as.
    (B) GSQNM
    76. SLOPPY is coded as
    (C) QNMRNA
    77. In a class of 46 students, 18 play football, 17 play cricket including 6 who play football…
    78. Kunal walks 10 km north. From there he walks 6 km towards South.
    (D) 5 km north-east
    79. In a dinner party, both fish and meat were served. Some took only fish and some only meat.
    80. Some of the cricket players are tennis players, some tennis players are hockey players, no cricket player…

    1. Hi Shabnam, we can only do a guess work. GC should be somewhere in the range of 230+/- 10 marks. As for other categories should not be a big difference…

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