Editorial Simplified : 12th April

Editorial Simplified : 12th day of April 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : The Game Changer

Context :

Electric vehicles are assumed to be the transporter of masses in future. With increasing emphasis on reducing green house gases, electric vehicle manufacturing companies will come in focus.

Why in news now :

  • Tesla has announced launch of Model 3
  • A large number of orders booked shows people are ready to accept the technology.

Indian scenario regarding electric vehicles :
High import duties presently at 125 per cent
Problems with Electric Vehicle :

  • Energy storage.
  • High prices of products
  • Non-existing ecosystem (like charging points and markets for spares)

But is an electric vehicle automatically good for the environment :

  • It depends on the energy mix used in generating power.
  • That varies from nation to nation.
  • India generates about 70 per cent of its electricity from thermal coal.
  • Which has a larger carbon footprint than petroleum or natural gas.
  • So an electric vehicle may actually be worse for the environment in India.

What could be done then :

  • Power industry needs to go green
  • Charge networks need to develop
  • Rapid development of electric car technologies

Editorial : Securing national interest

Context :
India is about to sign three agreements with US for a closer defence relationship.
What are the 3 agreements :

  • Logistics Support Agreement (LSA),
  • Communication and Information Security Memorandum Agreement (CISMOA) and
  • Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA).

What are these agreements about :

  • LSA has been renamed Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA)
    • It provides access for the signatories to each other’s military bases.
  • CISMOA involves
    • Checks against accessing advanced radio and satellite communication equipments that are fitted into aircrafts procured from USA (like C-130J Super Hercules and P8-I Poseidon maritime multi-mission aircraft).
  • BECA aims at providing access to digital imagery of the country to each other.

Concerns :

  • India fears that it could become a base for US military operations.
  • USA fears that supplying communication equipment without signing the CISMOA may lead to technology leaking to other nations from India.
  • BECA may lead to Washington sharing the exchanged data with the Pakistan military.

Benefits of these agreements :

  • As a check to China’s overt tilt towards Pakistan and aggressive infrastructure expansion into India’s neighbourhood.
  • Russia is increasingly becoming unpredictable partner in terms of spare parts supports, developing USA as an alternative makes strategic sense.

Way Out :

  • Renamed agreement ensures discretion remains with the Ministry of Defence.
  • India can choose to buy these aircraft fitted with other available radios can skip signing CISMOA.
  • The 2005 civil nuclear deal, where US-India mutual respect and reciprocity were highlighted could be used as a template to further these agreements.
  • India not narrowing down its supplier base, as exemplified by its contracts for Rafales and submarines from France.

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Editorial : Passing the test

Context :
NIT Srinagar episode
KASHMIR: Mismanaged or Misunderstood?

  • Nationalistic jingoism is ill suited to Srinagar, of all places, where NIT episode has again started debate on Indian nationalism, or a particular version of it.
  • Even the alliance between BJP and PDP, former a hardline nationalist and other a soft separatist, is adding to peculiarity of Kashmir
  • Re-installation of J&K Govt (after death of Mr MUFTI) and efforts by Deputy CM has placated the issue


Deputy CM, Mr Nirmal Singh, has promised to hear grievance of students. His stance on non shifting of NIT from Srinagar and encouraging atmosphere of relaxed conversation on controversial issues is endearing.

Editorial : Inviting disaster

Context :
Fire in Kollam Temple in Kerala due to bursting of crackers where over a hundred people died.
Multiple reasons :

  • Temple administration connived with politicians to not comply orders of collector as well as magistrate (both muslims) who refuse permission to burst crackers. Religious slurs were used.
  • Police refused to intervene due to fear of large gathering
  • Politicians stood with temple administration due to incoming elections
  • Fire crackers were never part of celebration. In recent years fire crackers were displayed in open spaces. Unplanned urbanization has reduced open spaces.
  • Clear guidelines were not neither followed nor enforced; hapless administrators need emasculation.


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Editorial : Downscaling for success

Context :

The possibility of merger of political parties formed essentially from Janta Party of 1970’s.

Important points :

  • The process for reuniting the Janta Parivar has been underway ever since the BJP won majority at the centre.
  • Mega merger of parties with varied interests and strengths has not been easy to achieve.
  • The Janta party was actually an artificial union to fight against the Congress in the past.
  • Nitish Kumar of Janta Dal United tried his best to bring about a mega merger. But the Samajwadi and RJD party backed out of the merger. 
  • Nitish Kumar seemingly reduced his ambition of a bigger role and chose to align with Rashtriya Lok Dal , The Samajwadi Janta Party and Jharkhand Vikas Morcha. These partners are not expected to benefit each other in a huge way.
  • Besides RJD of Lalu Prasad needs Congress in Bihar.

Conclusion :

As a National level alternative the Janata Parivar was doomed to failure and Nitish Kumar’s decision for the merger with the possible options is a prudent practical decision.

Editorial : Giving peace a chance in Yemen

Context :
United Nations backed ceasefire in Yemen between Saudi- allied forces and Shia Houthi rebels took effect recently. The scenario needs to be revisited.
Important points :

  • It is unclear whether the truce will last long or would collapse as the previous three attempts. 
  • Rebels and Saudi’s both have announced to respect the truce this time.
  • Saudi Arabia had started bombing in 2015 to reinstate the ousted President Hamadi government. 
  • The rebels still hold the Capital Sanaa but have suffered lots of losses. The country is war ravaged with civilian catastrophies. The only gainer out of all this seems to be Al-Qaeda. It has formed a mini state in southeastern Yemen. 

A suggested way out of the problem :

  • There seems no easy way out as the real reason for conflict lies in the geopolitical set up of the region. Saudi sees Houthi as an Iran backed front and doesn’t want a Shia government in Yemen. 
  • The USA and UK have continued to supply weapons to Saudis due to Saudi Arabia being a key ally in a disturbed West Asia. 
  • The regional powers should set aside their geopoltical games and come togetherto address humanitarian problem practically. 
  • The Saudis should realise that Houthis form a major chunk of population of Yemen, they cannot be kept totally away from power. 
  • The Houthis should also understand that they cannot keep the whole country for themselves. 
  • External military attacks should end immediately, a ceasefire followed by formation of national unity government. 
  • A failure of the ceasefire again might prove dangerous for the region.



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