Editorial Simplified : 23rd April

Editorial Simplified : 22nd day of April 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : Going on 60


Policymakers and politicians can no longer afford to ignore India’s rising elderly population

Recent Studies

  • A recent report by the ministry of statistics shows that India’s 60-plus population has jumped by 35.5 per cent, from 7.66 crore to 10.38 crore, between 2001 and 2011. 
  • Corresponding numbers in the zero-six years age group have, for the first time, registered an absolute decline from 16.38 crore to 15.88 crore.
  • In three states — Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Goa — the total elderly population actually outnumbers children aged below six, as per Census 2011.


A result of increasing longevity thanks to modern medical science and declining fertility because of family planning, along with a rising average marriage age — has huge social, economic and political implications.

Why they should be paid attention?

  • geriatrics is becoming an important industry these
  • Unlike the 15.88 crore children, they all vote.
  • old-age homes — a nascent industry that could turn into a veritable money-spinner

Comparison with other societies

In countries such as Germany, Sweden and Japan, anywhere between a quarter to a third of the population is above 60 years old. India’s ratio, by comparison, is only 8.6 per cent.
Advantages to India

  • India also has the advantage of an “economically active” population in the 15-59 age group, whose share has risen from 53.9 per cent to 60.3 per cent between 1981 and 2011.
  • The workforce drawn from this segment can potentially earn the incomes to support both their children and the elderly.

Way Forward

An environment that creates gainful employment for these men and women, and also enables them to save enough for their own retirement, is what public policy should aim at.


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Editorial : On going beyond ‘Bommai’


The Uttarakhand High Court recently declared the President’s rule in the state as unconstitutional but the Supreme Court put a stay on High Court’s order. The editorial examines the situation.

Important points

  • The Harish Rawat led government in Uttarakhand was dismissed by the Centre on the eve of confidence vote, which was too drastic a measure for any court to allow.
  • Break down of constitutional machinery was alleged due to 3 main reasons :
    • Appropriation bill was passed through voice vote rather than division.
    • Nine dissident ruling legislators were summarily disqualified.
    • A sting video of the Chief Minister offering inducements to win back support appeared.
  • The High Court by declaring the President’s rule unconstitutional followed the law made in Bommai case against illegitimate discretion by Governor.
  • Though the judgment did put an end to some problems related with application of Article 356 but today problems are more complex.
  • The earlier problem was of partisan Governor now it is of partisan Speaker. 
  • Speakers manipulate floor tests by selective application of anti-defection law. 


While the limitations provided by Bommai case should be kept but certain limitations now need to be placed on the Speakers to stop them from making mockery of floor tests.

Editorial : Growing cracks in the U.S.-Saudi alliance


Recently the US-Saudi relations are becoming strained and the close allies are developing cracks in the alliance.

Important points

  • The USA’s closest gulf ally since 70 years was  Saudi Arabia . 
  • USA’s economic and strategic interests in the gulf region such as dependence on gulf for oil, war on terror and need to fight Soviet Communism made the partnership stronger between USA and Saudi Arabia.
  • Relations recently turned sour due to 3 major reasons-
    • USA refused to protect Egypt’s dictator Mubarak.
    • USA declined to bomb Syria
    • The nuclear deal with Iran.
  • The Shia strong hold Saudi was distressed with these steps. 
  • One push for the US’s policy is that it is no longer dependent on gulf for oil due to its Shale gas boom.

USA has realised that it needs Iran to stabilize the region. But USA will not abandon Saudi Arabia altogether. It is just a matter of rebalancing of relations


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