Editorial Simplified : 26th April

Editorial Simplified : 26th day of April 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : Waiting for justice

CJI T.S Thakur has spoken the need of filling the vacancies of judges to expedite the long list of pending cases
Multi-faceted Repercussions

  • Lack of judges and pendency is hampering India
    • foreign companies think twice before investing in India due to vagueness on dispute resolution
    • under trials waste precious years of their lives in prisons
    • poor protection given by legal system makes Indians risk averse which has significant social and economic implication

Government is not the sole culpable party

  • main reason for pendency of cases is ease of securing adjournments; issue can only be solved by judicial interventions
  • civil lawsuits of same nature are allowed to follow repetitive and long patterns by judiciary
  • discussions between govt and judiciary are necessary as govt is party to large no of litigations

Editorial : Blunder on Isa


In response to China move to block the imposition of sanctions on Jaish e Mohammad (chief Masood Azhar), India issued visa to Dolkun Isa (ethnic Uighur dissident of Chinese province Xinjiang living in Germany) to attend a conference at Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh)

Muscular Foreign Policy?

  • Diffusing the initial euphoria over muscular response to China, India has said that tourist visa obtained by Isa was not valid or attending the conference
  • Various dissident Chinese groups are expected to meet later this month with exiled Tibetan govt in Dharamsala.

Right thing to do

  • For all the bad press that China has got in India, it has never let its territory to be used for anti-India activities
  • UN sanctions seldom prove to be a success to counter a terrorist organization; even if China would not have vetoed the decision of UN sanctions, things at ground would have hardly altered
  • India need well thought out strategy to counter china rather than knee jerk reactions; they will do more harm than good


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Editorial : A desperate situation


The pendency of cases in the Indian Judicial system seems ever increasing. The editorial examines the situation.

Important points

  • It is a well established fact that Indian judiciary is understaffed. The perceived requirement is of about 50,000 judges whereas the country has just 18000 judges presently. 
  • Occasionally observations made by superior judiciary on the alarming state of affairs elicit some sympathetic noises but concrete measures to solve the problem never arrive.

Analysis and suggestions

  • The situation demands an ambitious infusion of man power and resources to which even state government’s will have to contribute immensely.
  • The need is to calculate number of judges required at each level to dispose of a particular number of cases based on analysis.
  • The Centre and judiciary should collaborate on finding practical solutions like appointing more judges, including retired judges and deploying judicial resources efficiently.


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