Editorial Simplified : 18th June

Editorial Simplified : 18th Day of June 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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The Hindu

Editorial : Nervous takeoff


Civil Aviation Policy was recently unveiled by the Central government. The editorial presents a critical analysis of the policy.

Important points

  • The civil aviation policy intends to fast track the sector and harvest its multiplier effect on the economy.
  • Making flying affordable will boost demand but tripling passenger numbers by 2022 appears too ambitious.
  • A critical reform is de-politicisation of identifying locations. The regional connectivity scheme will be totally demand driven.
  • Aiming at Rs 2500 ticket for an hour long journey is a populist gesture.
  • Wisdom of levy on high traffic routes to be used to subsidize others is questionable.
  • The 5 year domestic requirement rule for flying abroad is scrapped. But it does not create real room for manoeuvre as only the 21 st aircraft of an airline is allowed to fly overseas.
  • New open sky policy with SAARC countries might seem positive but the other unused open sky policies with other countries show the reality.
  • The Centre has offered to grant SEZ status for aeronautical manufacturing but these kind sops are not tempting anymore.

Concluding Remarks

While the trajectory of the policy seems right but several unseen variables remain. These could well throw Indian aviation off the path that government has sought.

Editorial : Merger makes waves, again


LIGO observatory made second recording of gravity waves in December, 2015. The editorial highlights the significance and the future with regard to the recording.

Important points

  • Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave observatory (LIGO) in December,2015 gravitational waves from merger of two black holes about 14 and 8 times the mass of the Sun.
  • The recording in September 2015 of black holes 29 and 36 times the mass of the sun.
  • The December recording had smaller black holes were smaller hence :
    • Recording was weaker.
    • Distributed over a longer stretch of time.

Present and future infrastructure for recording gravity waves:

  • The two observatory made Bt LIGO in USA.
  • The Virgo detector a third detector present in Italy.
  • LIGO India a 4 th detector is scheduled to begin operations by 2023.
  • The collaboration between the four detectors will increase the volume and types of phenomenon which can be analyzed.
  • It is a promising time ahead fie science.

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