Editorial Simplified : 28th June

Editorial Simplified : 28th Day of June 2016

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The Hindu

Editorial : The question of Scotland


Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon recently declared that she would block UK’s exit from EU. The editorial examines the scenario.
A probable crisis for UK

  • Scots overwhelmingly voted to stay in EU but cumulatively UK voted to exit EU.
  • This means that when UK leaves EU , Scotland despite its public opinion largely in favour of staying will exit EU.

Reasons for Scotland favouring EU stay

  • Young scotts value European labour market for employment
  • Dissatisfied with English domination in UK, scotts always saw themselves as a part of European project.

Challenges Ahead for UK

  • Even if Scotts pass a resolution against Brexit, London could dismiss it.
  • But such dismissal could lead to deepening of crisis in UK which is a unique confederation of four nations with competing histories.

Other problems

  1. EU laws are directly incorporated in certain Scottish legislations. So if UK leaves EU these laws would have to be repealed and replaced with new ones.
  2. Recent polls have suggested Scottish people now want to leave UK, hence an independence referendum is highly likely.
  3. If Scotland gets independence vote then it is likely that calls for Northern Ireland to be merged with Republic of Ireland( a EU member) will get louder.

Concluding analysis

The British leadership will have to ensue all these risks to ensure a smooth exit from the EU.

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