UPSC Mains 2016 | GS Paper 3 – Analysis


Day 3 of the Mains Examination remained marred with the aspirants anticipating and brainstorming over the contemporary issues that may have crossed the thoughts of the examiner.

It is to be noted that the UPSC did not disappoint the aspirants with unconventional topics that we all fear of. The reviews by the students seem quite convincing that the examination was scoring and it had the potential to compensate the loss of marks in the previous test. A general gazing upon the question paper confirms that the examiner has tried to touch each and every aspect of the syllabus without giving undue attention to a specific issue. The questions and the structure of the examination seems inclusive and justifies every section of the syllabus.

A general trend of the economic policies of the Government has been followed with a critical approach. Anyone who has followed the trend would have attempted the examination with a great vigour. The examination followed the contemporary approach of breaking the backbone of the conventional static approach that most of the coaching institutes and notes seller follow.

UPSC has tried to augment critical observation and development of patterned approach for the future aspirants. It is advisable for the students to follow a routine pattern and draw parallels to the contemporary topics because the Economic policies of the Government are perfectly in sync with each other. It is also advisable for the students to multiply their sources of news because reliance on a single source may prove ineffective to grasp complicated yet important issues. Although the examination is very generic, it still requires a lot of writing practice, which we have been conducting throughout our course.

We, at RMISG are ready to blend with the dynamic wind that has fallen upon the window panes of our organisation. We have been successful in predicting most of the topics that the UPSC has served in this examination. Our students have been successful in sailing across this wavy sea because we have tightened their buckles with brainstorming techniques that are quintessential for this examination. The words may fall short to comprehensively explain our open-minded teaching technique and open-arms policy for criticism and suggestions. We believe in revolutionising and breaking the moulds of inconsistencies that prevail in this service of education. Therefore, we request you to pay a visit and be a part of this change.

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