Admiralty Bill, 2016 | PIB Summary

The Admiralty Bill (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims), 2016 was passed by the Lok Sabha.

Admiralty Bill | Major features

  • The Bill aims to establish a legal framework to consolidate the existing laws relating to admiralty jurisdiction of courts, admiralty proceedings on maritime claims, arrest of vessels and related issues.
  • It also aims to replace archaic laws which are hindering efficient governance.
  • The Admiralty Bill confers admiralty jurisdiction on High Courts located in coastal states of India and this jurisdiction extends up to territorial waters.
  • There was a need for repealing five obsolete British statutes on admiralty jurisdiction in civil matters, which are 126 to 177 years old.
  • The Bill provides for prioritization of maritime claims and maritime liens while providing protection to owners, charterers, operators, crew members and seafarers at the same time.

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