Defence Production | PIB Summary

As per the data of Value of Production, the defence production has been increasing during the last three years.

The details of Major products and their value of production, are as under:


Name of DPSUs

Major Products

Value of Production
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
1. HAL

HTT-40 (Basic Trainer Aircraft), Light Utility Helicopter (LUH), SU-30MKI, Hawk, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Dornier Do-228, ALH and Cheetal helicopters etc.

15867 16289 17273
2. BEL

Radars & Weapon Systems, Sonars, Communication, EWS, Electro-Optics and Tank Electronics etc.

6127 6659 7782

BEML Tatra 8×8 vehicles, Aircraft Towing Tractor, Ejector & Air Cleance Assy, Air Hydraulic Suspension unit (AHSU), All Terrain vehicle and Akash Missile- Sec IV & V etc.

2814 2599 2740.01



Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, ATGMs of new generation, Surface-to-Air Weapon Systems (SAMs), strategic weapons, launchers, underwater weapons, decoys and test equipment etc.

1804 2770 4299.84



Stealth frigates, Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvettes, Landing Craft Utility (LCU) ships, Water Jet Fast Attack Crafts (WJFAC), and Fast Patrol Vessel etc.

1611.67 1612.66 1706.60
6. GSL 105M Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), Fast Patrol Vessel and 11 Fast Interceptor Boats etc. 508.90 569.55 725.96
7. HSL Vessels, Tugs, IPV and ‘ICGS Rani Gaidinliu’ 453.40 294.16 593.29



Warships & Submarine includes P15A, P75, Khanderi P75 and Kalvari etc.

2865.51 3592.60 4121.65


MIDHANI Nickel Base, Cobalt Base and Chromium Superalloys, Special purpose steels, Titanium & Titanium alloys and soft magnatic alloys etc. 572 640.04 678.78
                         Total: 32623.48 35026.01 39921.13

 The percentage of share of domestic-public sector production to the total annual purchase during the said years is approximately 61.1%.

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