21st April 2017 | Editorial Simplified

Editorial Simplified : 21st Day of April 2017

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers.

The Hindu

Editorial : Beacons curb: Red, blue, ordinary


End of use of red-beacons; blue-beacons allowed on emergency vehicles only

Important Points:

  • The Union Cabinet led by the PM has decided to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989 so that the Central and State governments lose the power to nominate categories of persons for the red-beacon distinction.
  • From May 1 onwards, only vehicles on emergency services, such as ambulances, fire trucks and police cars, will be permitted the use of a blue beacon.
  • This dismantling of the use of red beacons, symbolising the VIP cult in the country, is a welcome move.
  • Red-beacons atop vehicles in India signifies that one has “made it”, be it political class or the bureaucracy. As a corollary, disallowing the use of red beacons makes the government appear pro-masses, as highlighted by the decisions taken by state assemblies of Delhi, Punjab and U.P.
  • However, the symbolic manifestation of ruler-subject hierarchy is visible in other forms such as privileges and exemptions offered at airport security checks and toll plazas.
  • Apart from this, officialdom or proximity to it manifests in the form of other services such as securing a bed at a state hospital, or a seat for one’s child in school, to cutting the waiting time for a passport.
  • This culture of being a VIP has to be demolished from the minds of the power-holders as well as the masses. Only then will our democracy guarantee a level playing field to all its citizens.
  • Alas, incidents such as the one involving Mr. Gaekwad and the impunity with which they are let off do no good to the government’s efforts of ending VIP culture

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