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29th September – Carbon Tax

Carbon Tax One way to cut carbon effluents while earning revenues is to price the carbon content of domestic production and imports, be it energy or transport. With the International Monetary Fund endorsing the European Union’s plan to impose carbon levies on imports, India can be among the first movers in the developing world in …

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28th September – Cess

Cess The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, in its latest audit report of government accounts, has observed that the Union government withheld in the Consolidated Fund of India (CFI) more than ₹1.1 lakh crore out of the almost ₹2.75 lakh crore collected through various cesses in 2018-19. Why is it objectionable? The CAG …

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26th September – Cybersecurity

Growing cyber-risks – Cybersecurity Recent revelations about cyber-spying and surveillance have highlighted the multiple lacunae in India’s cybersecurity regulatory regime for protecting data privacy. Recent threats – It has been alleged that a Chinese firm, Zhenhua Data Information Technology, keeps tabs on 10,000-odd Indian citizens. There have also been revelations about Facebook misusing permission granted …

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25th September – Leadership of women

Leadership of women What do Germany, Taiwan and New Zealand have in common? These are all countries that have women heading their governments. And although they are located in three different continents, the three countries seem to have managed the pandemic much better than their neighbours. Much along the same lines, a detailed recent study …

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Bilateral Netting

24th September – Bilateral Netting

The importance of Bilateral Netting The Government of India has just placed – the Bilateral Netting of Qualified Financial Contracts Bill, 2020 in the Parliament. The new law will allow financial institutions to ‘net’ out their exposures against each other rather than have to manage exposure on a gross basis. What is ‘bilateral netting’? Netting …

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Labour Reforms

23rd September – Labour Reforms

Labour laws dilution Recently, the government withdrew three Bills related to labour laws and replaced them with new ones. These Bills make significant changes to regulation of labour and the employer-employee relationship in several ways. Background – India has a complex regime of labour laws, and several committees have recommended simplifying and rationalising them. Last …

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Welfare of animals

19th September – Welfare of animals

For the welfare of animals For a country that claims adherence to ahimsa, India’s treatment of its animals betrays a moral failure. Over the past year alone, there have been reports of animals being subjected to sexual abuse, acid attacks, being thrown off rooftops, and being burnt alive. A major factor that enables such violence …

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Abraham Accords

18th September – Abraham Accords

Abraham Accords The so-called Abraham Accords, signed in the White House by the UAE, Bahrain and Israel, under U.S. President Donald Trump’s mediation, clearly mark a new beginning in the relations between the Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdoms and the Jewish state. What is the agreement? Under the agreement, the UAE and Bahrain would normalise ties with …

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17th September – Deep insights from Mahabharata

Deep insights from Mahabharata If all the books on war and peace were to suddenly disappear from the world, and only the Mahabharata remained, it would be good enough to capture almost all the possible debates on order, justice, force and the moral dilemmas associated with choices that are made on these issues within the …

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Administrative Reforms

16th September – Administrative reforms

Transforming public administration – Administrative reforms Every government since 1947, irrespective of political affiliation, has expressed frustration at the inefficiency of India’s vast bureaucracy and the maze of red-tape. Hundreds of committees have provided recommendations but the basic structure of public administration has remained unaltered. Therefore, it is no small matter that the government has …

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