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Growth Of Air Cargo | PIB Summary

As per the statistics furnished by Airports Authority of India (AAI), total passenger traffic (both domestic and international) at all Indian Airports during 2016-17 (Apr’16-Feb’17) witnessed a growth rate of 18.9%. Total Growth Of Air Cargo at all Indian Airports during 2016-17 (Apr’16-Feb’17) was of 9.3%. Growth Of Air Cargo | Steps taken by the …

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Chabahar and India

Anticipating increasing tensions between Iran and the United States, Government of India has apparently advised the Indian firms to go slow over their investments in proposed projects in Iran’s ‘Chabahar Free Trade Zone’. According to a news report, there is an apprehension that India’s financial transactions and technology imports from the rest of the world …

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UPSC Mains 2016 | GS Paper 1 – Analysis

https://rajiasacademy.comAnalysis The reviews of Paper-I were quite definite i.e. in favour of the examination being quite predictable and comfortable. Starting with history section of Paper I, one can understand that it was either taken out from the NCERTs or it was attached to a current topic. For example – the second question was directly taken out …

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UPSC Mains 2016 | Expected Questions

UPSC Mains 2016 | Expected Questions (Paper II) Creation of small states and good governance. Conflict between judiciary and executive. Niti Aayog and Cooperative Federalism. Electoral Reforms: Holding simultaneous elections to parliament and states and State Funding of Elections. Definition of Hindutva and use of religion in politics. Successes and failures of RTI. SMART Cities and …

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Debate: 'No-first use' nuclear doctrine

India’s ‘No first use’ nuclear doctrine was recently questioned by the Defence Minister when he said that India should state that “it is a responsible nuclear power and would not use it irresponsibly, instead of declaring an NFU doctrine”. Such statement from the Defence Minister on the eve of India-Japan Civil Nuclear Deal drew sharp …

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