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Buddha – Perspective on Good Governance

Buddha has been considered to be mostly a philosopher and an ethical teacher and not preoccupied with political or state-related issues. But in contrast to that, many recent scholars have analysed (from the historical context of Buddha’s life) that he was both a ‘social reformer’ and political philosopher. Ancient Indian society had begun to change when Buddha attained Enlightenment. Historically, that …

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Renaissance in India – A Fact or Misnomer

Renaissance in India European Renaissance characterized by discovery and triumph of humanism and re-emergence of man to the center of history with sensitivity to his creative ability, reflected in his achievements in past was different from Modernity in India. Indian renaissance which had its origin not in indigenous intellectual and cultural churning but in the …

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Baba and Babes

Society is in constant evolution and so is religion. However, change isn’t always autonomous, it requires at least a certain measure of leadership. At the turn of the century,Max Weber delineated leadership into three classifications- Rational-legal, Traditional and Charismatic. The two former types of authority are status quoist. Change can only be brought by the …

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