GS Paper 2

Temple Management

4th August – Chardham Board Verdict

Chardham Board Verdict In a major setback to the arguments on the state’s control of Hindu temples, the Uttarakhand High Court has recently upheld the constitutionality of the Uttarakhand Char Dham Devasthanam Management Board Act, 2019 that was enacted by the Uttarakhand government. What is the controversy? The Uttarakhand law allegedly takes control of four …

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Presidential System

1st August – Political culture, not presidential system

India needs a new political culture, not presidential system Recently, famous MP Shashi Tharoor argued that India should move towards Presidential system of government due to the propensity of lawmakers to defect at the drop of a hat in search of perks and offices, which he blames on the parliamentary system. Is the assessment correct? …

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30th July – RIC – Is it still important?

RIC – A triangle that is still important Amid the tensions on the Line of Actual Control, the recent virtual meeting of the RIC (Russia, India and China) was held. As the statements had divergent views of the participating members, it calls for assessing the dynamics of RIC grouping as a whole. Background – When …

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27th July – Presidential System of Government

Presidential System of Government The parliamentary system devised in Britain – a small island nation with electorates of less than a lakh voters per constituency — is based on traditions which simply do not exist in India. These involve clearly defined political parties, each with a coherent set of policies and preferences that distinguish it …

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Iran-China pact

17th July – Iran-China pact

Iran-China pact “Neither East, nor West” was Ayatollah Khomeini’s slogan for the reconstruction of a post-revolution Iran. This no longer seems to hold in Tehran, if fresh reports of a wide-ranging strategic pact between Iran and China are any indication. Though neither side has officially confirmed details, the Iranian cabinet has signed off on an …

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China's India policy

16th July – China’s India policy

The standoff and China’s India policy dilemma For China, which has long been preoccupied with its relentless pursuit to approach the centre of the world and in managing a turbulent relationship with the United States, the June 15 incident of a violent face-off between Chinese and Indian troops at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), …

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15th July – Learnings from China

What can India learn from China about statecraft? C Raja Mohan, has pointed out the differences between the anti-imperialist traditions of Delhi and Beijing. He assures that the Communist Party of China is no less anti-imperialist than the Indian nationalists but there is one big difference between Indian and Chinese anti-imperialism. Points of difference – …

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Encounter Killing

13th July – Crime as punishment – Encounter killings

Crime as punishment – Encounter of Vikas Dubey The Uttar Pradesh Police’s account of the encounter killing of Kanpur gangster Vikas Dubey, even if taken at face value, is a startling admission of serious ineptitude. But the official narrative, as it stands, stretches the bounds of credulity to an astonishing extent. An act of retribution …

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Killer Acquisitions

10th July – Killer Acquisitions

Ensuring market dominance through killer acquisitions The corporate game is a serious affair. New entrants with novel ideas and products find it hard to sustain and are easily gobbled up by the bigger players. In the realm of antitrust law, such a corporate strategy or practices have come to be known as killer acquisitions. What …

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