GS Paper 2


17th September – Deep insights from Mahabharata

Deep insights from Mahabharata If all the books on war and peace were to suddenly disappear from the world, and only the Mahabharata remained, it would be good enough to capture almost all the possible debates on order, justice, force and the moral dilemmas associated with choices that are made on these issues within the …

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Administrative Reforms

16th September – Administrative reforms

Transforming public administration – Administrative reforms Every government since 1947, irrespective of political affiliation, has expressed frustration at the inefficiency of India’s vast bureaucracy and the maze of red-tape. Hundreds of committees have provided recommendations but the basic structure of public administration has remained unaltered. Therefore, it is no small matter that the government has …

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15th September – Addressing malnutrition

Addressing malnutrition Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have launched a campaign declaring the month of September as “POSHAN Maah 2020”. By inviting citizens to send nutritional recipes, the campaign aims to create awareness about the POSHAN Abhiyan through community mobilisation. But how far it can help solve India’s massive malnutrition problem …

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India and China

14th September – Moscow Plan – India-China relations

‘Moscow Plan’ for India-China disengagement Recently, the foreign ministers of India and China agreed to ease tensions on the borders after “frank and constructive discussion” on the side lines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting in Moscow. The five-point agreement could usher in normalcy at the border — a good thing even if it is …

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Kra Canal

12th September – Kra Canal

Kra Canal In the middle of August, Thai transport minister Saksayam Chidchob said that Thailand was considering a road and railway link across the narrow tract of land in the south of the country, which has been the proposed site for building the Kra canal. In its aftermath, Indian media reports said that plans for …

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Blockchain Voting

11th September – Blockchain Voting

Blockchain Voting The Election Commission of India has for a while now been toying with the idea of further digitising the electoral infrastructure of the country. In furtherance of this, the Election Commission had held an online conference in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (“TNeGA”) and IIT Madras, through which they explored the …

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Non-Aligned Movement

10th September – Non-Aligned Movement

Non-Aligned Movement India’s External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar, said recently that non-alignment (derived from non-aligned movement) was a concept of relevance in a specific era and a particular context, though the independence of action enshrined in it remains a factor of continuity in India’s foreign policy. This is about as explicit an assertion as one …

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GST Compensation

8th September – GST Compensation

GST Compensation The 41st meeting of the GST Council was held recently with the singular agenda of finding a solution to the question of how best to ensure that the compensation payable to the States as part of the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax continues to be paid. Background – The background for …

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Centre-State relations

7th September – Centre-State relations

Centre-state relations under federalism Arguably, federalism or the centre-state relations are at its lowest point in recent decades. The ongoing tussle over the Goods and Services Tax (GST) compensation accentuates a rather worrying trend.  Recent issues between centre and the states – GST Compensation – Finance ministers of states like Punjab, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Rajasthan …

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2nd September – Reforming the GST

GST reform needs a new grand bargain Three years ago, the Centre and the States of the Union of India struck a grand bargain resulting in the launch of the unified Goods and Services Tax (GST) era. The nationwide GST promised frictionless commerce across State borders, buoyant and leakproof tax compliance, and removal of inefficiencies …

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