GS Paper 3


26th September – Cybersecurity

Growing cyber-risks – Cybersecurity Recent revelations about cyber-spying and surveillance have highlighted the multiple lacunae in India’s cybersecurity regulatory regime for protecting data privacy. Recent threats – It has been alleged that a Chinese firm, Zhenhua Data Information Technology, keeps tabs on 10,000-odd Indian citizens. There have also been revelations about Facebook misusing permission granted …

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Bilateral Netting

24th September – Bilateral Netting

The importance of Bilateral Netting The Government of India has just placed – the Bilateral Netting of Qualified Financial Contracts Bill, 2020 in the Parliament. The new law will allow financial institutions to ‘net’ out their exposures against each other rather than have to manage exposure on a gross basis. What is ‘bilateral netting’? Netting …

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Labour Reforms

23rd September – Labour Reforms

Labour laws dilution Recently, the government withdrew three Bills related to labour laws and replaced them with new ones. These Bills make significant changes to regulation of labour and the employer-employee relationship in several ways. Background – India has a complex regime of labour laws, and several committees have recommended simplifying and rationalising them. Last …

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Welfare of animals

19th September – Welfare of animals

For the welfare of animals For a country that claims adherence to ahimsa, India’s treatment of its animals betrays a moral failure. Over the past year alone, there have been reports of animals being subjected to sexual abuse, acid attacks, being thrown off rooftops, and being burnt alive. A major factor that enables such violence …

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Blockchain Voting

11th September – Blockchain Voting

Blockchain Voting The Election Commission of India has for a while now been toying with the idea of further digitising the electoral infrastructure of the country. In furtherance of this, the Election Commission had held an online conference in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (“TNeGA”) and IIT Madras, through which they explored the …

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Naga conflict

9th September – Naga Conflict

Naga conflict The Northeastern region has witnessed multiple crises including bloody insurgencies, but still lacks the emotional resonance of the Kashmir conflict due to geographical, cultural, and ethnic factors. Rooted in the politics of sub-nationalism, complexities of regional geopolitics and the evolving dynamics of counterinsurgency tactics, the Naga insurgency has defied a lasting solution; it …

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Women in Army

4th September – Women in Army

Victory in a long battle for opportunities – Women in Army The Supreme Court of India in February 2020 delivered a much-anticipated ruling that allows women to serve as permanently commissioned (PC) officers in 10 combat support arms (These are Signals, Engineers, Army Aviation, Army Air Defence, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME), Army Service Corps, …

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Priority Sector Lending

3rd September – Priority Sector Lending Certificates

Priority Sector Lending Certificates The RBI had listed out ‘priority’ sectors that banks such as agriculture, housing, education and micro-small enterprises to which the banks must compulsorily lend to in the form of loans. It is called ‘priority sector lending’. But this method has often been criticised for meddling too much in the workings of …

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Supply Chain Resilience Initiative

1st September – Supply Chain Resilience Initiative

Supply Chain Resilience Initiative With COVID-19 and trade tensions between China and the United States threatening supply chains or actually causing bottlenecks, Japan has mooted the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) as a trilateral approach to trade, with India and Australia as the other two partners. The initiative is at the strategy stage and has …

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31st August – Impact of import embargo on defence

Impact of import embargo on defence The Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced an embargo on the import of 101 items through a press release issued on August 9, 2020. Details about the decision – The Annexure to this press release lists a wide range of embargoed ammunition, weapon systems, radars, simulators, and other platforms.  A …

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