GS Paper 4

Encounter Killing

13th July – Crime as punishment – Encounter killings

Crime as punishment – Encounter of Vikas Dubey The Uttar Pradesh Police’s account of the encounter killing of Kanpur gangster Vikas Dubey, even if taken at face value, is a startling admission of serious ineptitude. But the official narrative, as it stands, stretches the bounds of credulity to an astonishing extent. An act of retribution …

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Killer Acquisitions

10th July – Killer Acquisitions

Ensuring market dominance through killer acquisitions The corporate game is a serious affair. New entrants with novel ideas and products find it hard to sustain and are easily gobbled up by the bigger players. In the realm of antitrust law, such a corporate strategy or practices have come to be known as killer acquisitions. What …

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Social Physicians

21st May – Social Physicians

We need social physicians While medicine remains central to public health, medical academia has never been a torch-bearer for the public health cause. Apart from the inherently individualistic character of medicine, part of the reason can also be located in Indian medical education originally “carrying the cultural accretions of the West”. Multiple policy deliberations have …

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Sri Ramakrishna

30th March – Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna Indian scriptures and texts contain a rich fund of ideas that can help us navigate through the practical-moral labyrinth of life. Modern saints continue to illumine our minds with insightful solutions to ethical problems. No exception in this respect was Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886). While being the embodiment of the effulgent light of divinity, …

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21st January – Equity’s weak pulse and commodified medicine

In 1924, the Madras presidency of British-India rolled out the Subsidised Rural Medical Relief Scheme (SRMRS), which was about providing temporary annual subsidies to doctors choosing to settle down and practise privately in villages specified by local boards. The scheme was then reckoned to be an economical way of expanding health-care access in rural areas. …

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20th January – One government proposes, other deposes

Since coming to power, Andhra Pradesh State Government has cancelled or put on hold a number of high-profile State contracts and projects, many involving foreign partners who now face huge losses. Arguments in favour – Officials say reviewing commitments made by the previous government will increase accountability and decrease corruption in the State, but outside …

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13th January – Right to Information : Its use and misuse

Chief Justice of India SA Bobde cautioned last month against the abuse of the Right to Information Act, setting off a chain of indignant reactions from a variety of activists. What did he say? “There is paralysis and fear about this Act”, he stated, adding that “people are not taking decisions” because they apprehend the …

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6th January – The Kural and Ethics

The Thirukkural by Thiruvalluvar, also known as the Kural is a powerful and compact Tamil text from South India which has survived and thrived over 2,000 years. The Kural deals with three concepts which in Sanskrit relate to dharma, artha and kama. Ethical connection – The matters of statecraft, governance and related topics lie embedded …

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25th December – Periyar (Person in News)

In Tamil Nadu, Vaikom is an image of Periyar E.V. Ramasamy (September 17, 1879-December 24, 1973). Vaikom is a metaphor for social justice — when scores of satyagrahis from the Tamil country joined hands with their brethren in a heroic struggle. Leadership – In Travancore, the Satyagraha in 1924 against the injustice meted out against …

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20th December – Capital Punishment

Following the Supreme Court’s dismissal of review petitions by all four convicts in the Nirbhaya rape and murder case, the four have moved one step closer to the gallows. In the light of this, and the repeated demands to punish all rape convicts with the death penalty, it becomes important to examine empirical evidence on …

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