Indian Culture

9th November – Nataraja

Nataraja – the dance of Infinity, Unity and Inclusivity One of the most celebrated sculptures in the Indian civilisation is the lithe, elegant, exquisite vigraha of Nataraja, the divine lord of dancers. About Nataraja – Nataraja is the most brilliant symbolic manifestation of one of the Trinity Gods of Hinduism – Shiva. One of India’s greatest philosophers, historian and …

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3rd October – Mahatma Gandhi

The Mahatma as an intercultural Indian Gandhi’s idea of non-violence was not a dream; it was a realistic hope, armed with a dose of practical idealism; that of the global welcoming of the law of love. By saying this, he presented himself, at the same time, as an Asian who was influenced by Hinduism, Jainism …

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Temple Management

4th August – Chardham Board Verdict

Chardham Board Verdict In a major setback to the arguments on the state’s control of Hindu temples, the Uttarakhand High Court has recently upheld the constitutionality of the Uttarakhand Char Dham Devasthanam Management Board Act, 2019 that was enacted by the Uttarakhand government. What is the controversy? The Uttarakhand law allegedly takes control of four …

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10th March – Adivasis

Having an ear to Adivasi ground The uncertainty of Adivasi life has a strong connection with the ‘mainstream’ view about them. In popular discourse, the socio-economic disadvantages of the Adivasis as compared with the rest of the population are often seen through a lens of benevolence. A singular view – The views about the ‘underdevelopment’ …

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8th February – Medaram Sammakka-Sarakka/Saralamma Jatara

News – The four-day ‘Sammakka – Saralamma Jatara’ at Medaram in Telangana has begun. Considered the biggest tribal festival across South Asia, the Jatara witnesses a huge number of devotees thronging the village to take the blessings of Goddess Sammaka-Saralamma. Medaram is a remote place in the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, a part of Dandakaranya, the …

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8th January – Tulu Language

According to the 2001 Census, India has 30 languages that are spoken by more than a million people each. Additionally, it has 122 languages that are spoken by at least 10,000 people each. It also has 1,599 languages, most of which are dialects. Constitutional provisions – Article 29 of the Constitution provides that a section …

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25th December – Periyar (Person in News)

In Tamil Nadu, Vaikom is an image of Periyar E.V. Ramasamy (September 17, 1879-December 24, 1973). Vaikom is a metaphor for social justice — when scores of satyagrahis from the Tamil country joined hands with their brethren in a heroic struggle. Leadership – In Travancore, the Satyagraha in 1924 against the injustice meted out against …

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Buddha – Perspective on Good Governance

Buddha has been considered to be mostly a philosopher and an ethical teacher and not preoccupied with political or state-related issues. But in contrast to that, many recent scholars have analysed (from the historical context of Buddha’s life) that he was both a ‘social reformer’ and political philosopher. Ancient Indian society had begun to change when Buddha attained Enlightenment. Historically, that …

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Renaissance in India – A Fact or Misnomer

Renaissance in India European Renaissance characterized by discovery and triumph of humanism and re-emergence of man to the center of history with sensitivity to his creative ability, reflected in his achievements in past was different from Modernity in India. Indian renaissance which had its origin not in indigenous intellectual and cultural churning but in the …

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