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Upgraded 155mm artillery gun handed over to Army

The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) has handed over Sharing, the first 130mm M-46 artillery gun upgraded to 155mm to the Indian Army.

About Sharang –

  • Sharang is the 130mm artillery gun ‘up-gunned’ to 155mm, 45 calibre up-gunning based on the Army’s tender.
  • The Army had issued the Request for Proposal (RFP) in 2013 for both OFB and private industry.
  • The gun’s range has now gone from 27km to over 36km with the upgrade.
  • In all, OFB will upgrade 300 130mm guns to 155mm and the contract will be completed in four years.

Ease of Living Index and Municipal Performance Index 2019 launched

To help assess the progress made in cities through various initiatives and empower them to use evidence to plan, implement & monitor their performance, two Assessment Frameworks, viz. Ease of Living Index (EoLI) and Municipal Performance Index (MPI) 2019 have been launched by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs.

Details –

Both these indices are designed to assess quality of life of citizens in 100 Smart Cities and 14 other Million Plus Cities. 

Municipal Performance Index

  • With the Municipal Performance Index 2019, the Ministry has sought to assess the performance of municipalities based on five enablers namely Service, Finance, Planning, Technology and Governance which have been further divided into 20 sectors which will be evaluated across 100 indicators.
  • This will help Municipalities in better planning and management, filling the gaps in city administration, and improving the liveability of cities for its citizens.

Ease of Living Index

Ease of Living Index is aimed at providing a holistic view of Indian cities – beginning from the services provided by local bodies, the effectiveness of the administration, the outcomes generated through these services in terms of the liveability within cities and, finally, the citizen perception of these outcomes.

The key objectives of the Ease of Living Index are four-folds, viz.

  1. generate information to guide evidence-based policy making;
  2. catalyse action to achieve broader developmental outcomes including the SDG;
  3. assess and compare the outcomes achieved from various urban policies and schemes; and
  4. obtain the perception of citizens about their view of the services provided by the city administration.

EoLI 2019 will facilitate the assessment of ease of living of citizens across three pillars: Quality of Life, Economic Ability and Sustainability which are further divided into 14 categories across 50 indicators.

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