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Defence Ministry places order for 16,479 LMG

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed a ₹880-crore contract with the Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) for 16,479 Light Machine Guns (LMG).

About Light Machine Guns –

  • The IWI Negev is a gas-operated selective fire light machine gun that uses propellant gases from the barrel to cycle a short-stroke gas piston operating system under the barrel and a rotating bolt locking mechanism.
  • The bolt itself features 4 radial locking lugs that engage the barrel extension and its rotation is controlled by a pin on the bolt body, which rides inside a camming guide machined into the bolt carrier. 
  • The bolt contains a spring-powered casing extractor unit, while a lever ejector is housed inside the receiver (it is rotated by the recoiling bolt carrier).
  • This LMG will greatly enhance the lethality and range of a soldier vis-a-vis the presently used weapon.

India is the third largest producer of Electricity in the World

As per the latest key world energy statistics published by the IEA in 2019, India is the 3rd largest producer of electricity in the world and it ranks 106th in terms of per capita consumption in 2017. 

About International Energy Agency (IEA) –

  • IEA was established during the oil crisis of 1973.
  • It is an intergovernmental autonomous organisation based in Paris.
  • IEA has a major role to play in providing information related to the international oil market and taking action against any physical disruptions in the supply of oil. 
  • IEA also acts as a policy adviser for its 30 member countries as well as for the non-member countries, especially China, India, and Russia.
  • Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Singapore and Thailand are the associate members of IEA.

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