14th November – India walks its green talk

Among the world’s major economies, India seems the most serious about doing its bit to contain climate change. So suggests a report released by Climate Transparency, a global non-government organisation.

Details –

Its Brown To Green Report 2019 has reportedly noted that ours is the only country among G20 nations that is close to its “pathway” chalked out towards ensuring the world’s mean temperature rises no further than 1.5° Celsius, a goal set by the Paris Agreement against global warming.

Analysis –

  • That’s a remarkable achievement. Remember, G20 countries together represent more than four-fifths of the world’s gross domestic product, so this group of 20 probably accounts for an overwhelming bulk of all carbon emissions.
  • While several other G20 states are likely to achieve their targets, the report seems displeased with the progress made by most. South Korea, Canada and Australia, in particular, are reported to be laggards.
  • The world’s biggest economy, the US, has rejected the Paris accord. The very signal sent by this appears to have weakened the world’s will to adhere to its emission-reduction agenda.

Conclusion –

The battle against climate change is a race against time—one that we can’t afford to lose. The report also lauded India for its investments in renewable energy. It’s safe to say that the country is doing a good job. Some deft diplomacy at the international level might be able to enjoin others to do likewise.


QUESTION India’s resolve to fight climate change is stronger than most of the competitive economies. How it should convince fellow developing economies to handhold against the menace of climate change?

PRELIMSBrown to Green Report 2019 is released by Climate Transparency, a global non-government organisation.

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