Editorial Simplified : 09th April

Editorial Simplified : 09th day of April 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : Standing up to prejudice

Context :
Launch of Stand-Up India, a scheme for creating businessmen and women from among the SCs, STs and Women.
What is Stand-Up India :
A programme for entrepreneurship and empowerment for excluded groups
It’s benefits :

  • A practical way of helping these sections than reserving jobs in government institutions
  • Especially given the shrinking market for jobs.
  • Integrate marginalised sections into the “mainstream economy”.
  • Time-bound deliverables: 250,000 approvals in 36 months for loans between 10 lakhs and 1 crore.
  • Certain hand-holding of borrowers from the pre-loan to the operating stage.
  • Refinancing options via the Small Industries Development Bank of India
  • A separate corpus for credit guarantees.

What else needs to be done :

  • Little intervention in day to day activities by state institutions
  • Greater participation in leadership roles by lower castes and women
  • Providing sourcing network to ventures
  • Providing marketing help to ventures

 Is it one of its kind institution?

  • National Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation set up in 1989
  • Mahila Bank (facing closure).


Editorial : Tax confusion

Context :

Tax department’s decision to make High Net Worth Individuals (Ameer Log) disclose the details of their assets. It is assumed that it will help the department compare the assets with the income shown.

What has been decided?

  • Mandatory for individuals and families with taxable income of over 50 lakh to disclose the details and costs of assets they have.
  • It was decided in this year’s Budget.

What’s the logic behind this?

  • Help track tax evasion by high net worth individuals.
  • Make government’s job of mapping an individual’s income against her assets and liabilities much easier.
  • It would not affect the common taxpayer and would affect only ultra-rich.

What’s the problem with this move?

  • No indication of how the value of the assets will be determined.
  • Difficult to determine the cost of gifted assets, inherited assets or assets purchased several years ago.
  • Discretion and thus harassment by tax officers.
  • Voluminous details sought in the forms

 What other steps have been taken to curb Black Money?

  • Black Money Act, 2015, requiring compulsory disclosure of foreign assets and income.
  • Amending Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act. Especially, to check black money in real estate transactions.

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Editorial : Press restart

Context :modi-sharif-759

PM Narendra Modi Pakistan policy can be applauded for intent of engagement even after adverse happenings of recent times. However, a change in  method of engagement is need of the hour

Performance vs Planning :

  • PM Modi risked political capital in pursuit of peace with Pakistan but a clear road map of the process is missing. Time and again, Indian advisors have been fooled by Pakistan Army that it is aligning itself to democratically elected Pakistani PM.
  • With the premise of talks been wrong, India’s approach towards Pakistan stands out of depth and worse still out of reality of present times as well.

Changing Times :

In 2002, Gen Musharraf and Pakistan were aptly placed to influence Pakistani Jihad on Indian soil. With Pakistan grappling with existential dangers due to home grown terror networks, its rulers (Political and Military) need to demonize India to subvert and convert much of the efforts of terrorists to its east neighbor

Way Ahead :

  • India need to engage not only politically but culturally and economically with Pakistan as well
  • There is growing need to mitigate anti India sentiment in Pakistan, tactfully (mis)used by both Pakistani army and politicians
  • Dialogue with Pakistan should be continued with overarching strategic aim


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Editorial : Another killing in Bangladesh

Context :

Killing of Nazimmuddin Samad in Bangladesh supposedly by Islamists. Extremists are still on a rampage in Bangladesh

Important points :

  • 26 yr old law student Samad was killed in Bangladesh. He was one of the men in hit list of Islamists.
  • In Bangladesh which is off course a secular republic , campaigners have braved it out against extremists. They have mobilised thousands through blogging and social media, seeking punishment for Islamists.
  • Earlier in 2009 Shahbagh protests were held in Bangladesh demanding secularism.
  • The Sheikh Hasina government which came to power on context of solving war crimes is accused of being too casual in dealing with extremists. She is much more interested in consolidating her power.

Conclusion :
The death of Samad is a cautionary alert that Bangladesh is in dire need to protect progressive vision and promote democratic ways.


Editorial : Welcome waste as new wealth

Context :

Waste management has become a very relevant issue in the modern urban set up. Improper management of waste is allegedly causing pollution as well as wasting tappable resources.

Important Points :

  • The Ministry of Environment has notified new Solid Waste Management rules, 2016 with clear assignment of duties to various classes of consumers.
  • Rules were also issued in the year 2000 but they failed .

Suggestions for better Management of Waste :

  • It is suggested by the editor that for success of rules the local bodies should appeal to rational impulse of communities.
  • Bulk waste generators like hoteliers etc could be asked to support composting or biomethanation.
  • Cess funds collected for Swachh Bharat could be used for scaling up infrastructure for waste management.
  • An innovative suggestion is to formalize system of rag-pickers as co-operatives.
  • Municipalities are suggested to focus on creating reliable systems to manage different waste streams.

Conclusion :

If India can handles waste properly starting with separation of wet waste from the rest it would make cities greener and cleaner. It would provide huge amount of recyclable plastic and also as garbology studies suggest will help in recovery of buried wealth.


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