Editorial Simplified : 11th May

Editorial Simplified : 11th day of May 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : Mr Modi as diplomat


PM Narendra Modi has made 40 foreign trips to countries in five continent &  hosted more than 30 heads of state or government  but  Early promise of high-profile diplomacy not matched by substance

What is the problem now?

  • Mr Modi indicated a bold new direction by inviting India’s South Asian neighbours to his inauguration. But India’s relations in the region have not improved appreciably — although a long-delayed land boundary agreement has indeed been signed with Bangladesh.
  • India has still sustained terrorist attacks and has been unable to persuade the Pakistanis to arrest Masood Azhar, the mastermind of the latter.
  • In Nepal, India was caught on the wrong foot with a constitutional change, and its strong-arm response to the Madhesi cause, and the cancellation of a presidential visit.
  • Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, countries previously well-disposed to India, are tiptoeing towards China’s zone of influence, with its awesomely efficient and large investments .
  • Despite friendship between Mr Modi and Xi Jinping the asymmetry of the power equation was evident in the grant and revocation of an Uyghur activist’s visa by India on the flimsiest of grounds.
  • China also blocked a UN sanctions committee acting on India’s request to have Masood Azhar declared a terrorist.
  • Mr Modi was thought to have at least triumphed when US President Barack Obama accepted an invitation to India but in retrospect, it is not clear what India has gained from closer US relations either.
  • India has been shut out from Afghanistan.
  • India has given way with regard to coal technology in the Paris climate agreement
  • ITeS sector has made no gains in terms of an easier visa regime.
  • It could be argued that foreign direct inflows have grown appreciably since Mr Modi’s accession; but FDI is determined by many exogenous factors.

What is the difference with respect to his predecessors?

  • His predecessor travelled as much in the same time span But Manmohan Singh’s visits, never attracted the same intensive publicity.
  • Dr Singh’s quietly persistent diplomacy eventually put India back in global reckoning with the statement on the Indo-US civil nuclear agreement in 2005, just one year into his first tenure.


In two years, Mr Modi is yet to match that level of breakthrough diplomacy.

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Editorial : Playing nanny


Supreme Court (SC) has overseen the floor test of Uttarakhand Govt which was needed due to rebellion in the ranks of ruling congress MLAs.

Is Hand holding necessary?

  • SC has owned the responsibility of conduct of the floor test as well as declaration of the result, in the process diluting the legislative supremacy in conduct of its own affairs
  • SC handholding gives the impression that it can only ensure blemish free process

Other questions

  • Interference of central govt in opposition ruled states has left its commitment to federalism under cloud
  • Floor test was conducted only when High Court stepped in to ensure that Bommai guidelines are followed in this case
  • in any case, article 356 has raised its ugly head again

Editorial : A red flag


Medical journal Lancet has published a paper in which most common reason for mortality in age group 10-24 years in India is suicide

Big problem

  • If youth of a country is grappling with numerous psychological problems like depression, anxiety, substance abuse etc, there is a little chance of utilization of its demographic dividend by that country
  • This problem has strong correlation with perceived social and economical prospects as seen by youth

Campus-not for study

  • Campus has turned into fulcrum of unrest and politics has taken over studies
  • Notwithstanding the hype of skill development etc if difference between aspiration and reality continue to remain, self harming nature of the youth will only go up.


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Editorial : Freedom to map India


Recently the Government of India has sent a draft of Geospatial Information Regulation Bill circulated for feedback. The articles examines the situation.

Important points

  • The Geospatial Information Regulation bill proposes to introduce a stringent law for use of geospatial data.
  • All information on geographical maps will have to be agreed upon by a special authority before being published.
  • Two aspects of the new legislation need separate consideration:


  1. Possibility of harassment for possession of maps or images at odds with official boundary.
  2. Implication of the legislation on a host of applications that need real time updates.
  • The new legislation includes stringent punishment of upto 7 years imprisonment and a fine upto Rs 100 crore for disseminating contradictory maps.
  • Geospatial maps which the Government wants to oversee reflect how our neighbourhood changes in real time. eg these maps help us gauge the spread of flu outbreak.
  • The provisions of the new legislation suggest that any addition or modification would need clearance as well, this may lead to delay in updates and some updates might even be rejected.


  • The government has sent the bill for feedback and says it is open to modification sends out a good message to stakeholders.
  • Geospatial Information like telecom spectrum is just beginning to be valued as a resource. The editor feels the resource would be better mined with a transparent policy that values information more than fines.


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