Editorial Simplified : 16th April

Editorial Simplified : 16th day of April 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : Green shoots

Context :

  • India’s consumption of petroleum products is going up, not totally because of decrement in price of petroleum. It is a sign of recovery of economy, though, much needs to be done for green shoots of start of recovery to turn into trees
  • Not only petrol and diesel but construction material like bitumen, petroleum coke, furnance oil along with small/heavy commercial vehicles , cement and electricity generation sectors are showing rise in consumption, use or sales

Government driven Recovery :
Roads are being constructed at all time speed; forward and backward linkages of road sector is boosting the economy
 Still work to be done :

  • Real estate and agriculture sector are still reeling
  • Good monsoon, reform in insolvency/bankruptcy resolution and pending GST bills are requirement to boost the process of recovery


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Editorial : The power of symbolism

Context :

Recently The High Court shifted IPL matches out of Maharashtra seeking drought as the reason for this. Water scarcity is becoming a grave problem which is examined in the editorial.

Important Points :

  • All IPL matches scheduled for May will be shifted out of Maharashtra according to an order by the High Court of Bombay. Reason for decision is acute water shortage in Maharashtra
  • This unusual decision is a case of judicial intervention and over reach in governance.
  • The water used in IPL matches are a very insignificant proportion of State’s water consumption and will hardly affect the situation.
  • But the decision on a tournament like IPL draws a lot of attention water scarcity. 
  • A composite  picture of the country shows about half the districts of the country are facing drought like conditions.
  • The country’s groundwater is over-exploited especially in Green Revolution zones.
  • Central Water Commission data shows water level in major reservoirs is alarmingly low. 

Suggestions :

  • Re-calibration of price support and rationalisation of electricity subsidy is required to nudge the farmer towards less water consuming crops. 
  • Large proportion of Indian population depends on agriculture and the life of farmers can be made sustainable only after addressing the water crisis.

Editorial : Oceanic opportunities

Context :

This editorial examines the opportunities for India in the Ocean and Seas around it.

Important Points :

  • India has a 7500 km long coastline and lies on all major shipping highways, this provides immense potential for economic opportunities.
  • The ambitious Sagarmala project intends to modernise ports and link them with Special Economic Zones , smart cities and all the required infrastructure like warehouses etc.
  • India has also began to collaborate with neighbours like Myanmar in building ports which is necessary for strategic partnerships.
  • Indian Navy has been playing a vital role in containing piracy as well. Also it has provided humanitarian assistance many times eg During 2004 Tsunami.

Conclusion :

  • The new emphasis for navy has to be 2-sided. One securing energy , trade routes and other keeping a check on other countries entering India’s backyard. 
  • India’s interests largely resemble those of USA in the Indian Ocean. 
  • India’s stance has changed from being totally defensive but it should cautious not to pick fights that are not drawn from its national interest.


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