Editorial Simplified : 20th May

Editorial Simplified : 20th day of May 2016

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Editorial : Unsafe vehicles


Time for India to update car safety regulations.

What is the news?

Global New Car Assessment Programme, or Global NCAP, which carries out tests on the safety of motor vehicles, has said that five Indian cars are unsafe for passengers: Maruti Suzuki’s Celerio and Eeco, Hyundai’s Eon, Mahindra & Mahindra’s Scorpio and Renault’s Kwid.

What  are the faults as per the assesment?

  • Issues with adult safety as well as child safety.
  • Faulty body structure
  • Absence of airbags, which made them unsafe for occupants.

What are the companies saying?

  • Such a result was bound to happen because these models had no airbags.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra said that 75 per cent of the buyers of the Scorpio prefer the variant with airbags.

What is the issue?

  • Large number of cars without airbags are out on the roads, which is a safety hazard.
  • Companies sell cars without airbags in order to lower their price tags, given that India is a highly price-sensitive market. But a majority of the cars in India are bought on instalments, so the cost of the airbags will not cause a great burden on the buyers.
  • lack of consumer awareness
  • Government inaction.
  • India, does not have crash test standards, which means that companies do not have any incentive to incorporate features like airbags in their cars.

What should be done?

  • Affected companies may have to invest more money to make their cars safer.
  • Time has come for the government to update regulations, and make airbags mandatory.

Irony of the situtation

  • Cars made in India are sold across the world, including in the quality-conscious markets of the West. If companies can sell successfully there, they can surely make safe cars for the country as well. It is not a question of capability, but one of regulation.

What has the govt already done?

  • Government has put in place some norms for crash tests but these will come into effect only in 2017 for new cars; for old cars, the deadline is 2019.
  • Also in the works is the Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Programme, which too will assign star ratings to cars, but that is likely to come into effect only in 2018.

Way forward:

But just instituting local tests should not mean that regulations can stay the same, either. Those too must be updated.

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Editorial : For sanity’s sake


Suicide is a significant cause of death in India in the age bracket of 10-24 according to observation based on the Global Burden of Disease study of 2013, following a report in Lancet.

Serious health problem

  • nine of 10 cases of mental disorder in India and China are not treated in a rational, clinical manner
  • China and India account for almost one-third of the world’s mental, neurological and substance abuse disorders
  • there are less than seven psychiatrists per lakh of population in China, and less than three in India

Unadressed social problem

  • in India, there is reluctance to acknowledge mental disease due to fear of social backlash
  • Families across demographics and economic strata hide mental illness
  • Patients are found in captivity and neglect.
  • But the burden of less obvious mental conditions like anxiety remains hidden

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Editorial : The meaning of victory and defeat


State Assembly Election results were recently declared in 5 states of the country. The editorial goes through the results and analyses the situation.

The Results

  • Assam :The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) for the first time secured majority in a north eastern state.
  • Puducherry : The politically least important among the polling regions, the Union Territory of Puducherry was was won by the Congress.
  • West Bengal : The Trinamool Congress easily secured majority in West Bengal sinking its nearest rival the Left-Congress combine.
  • Kerala : The Left Democratic Front secured a comfortable majority. This win spared the Left further harassment after West Bengal debacle (Pertinent to mention here is that BJP has for the first time won a seat in Kerala, pointing towards its potential in the long run.)
  • Tamil Nadu : The AIADMK proved all anti-incumbency sentiments weak and won majority in the state. This is the first time since 1984 that a ruling party has come back to power in the state.


  • The Congress which has lost power in two states has reason to be most disheartened with the results, the victory in Puducherry is a very small consolation. The question about how it can reverse the slide after 2014 elections will become sharper now.
  • As for the BJP its boasts of having emerged as a truly national player are vastly exaggerated. While it has repeatedly shown it is better placed in direct face offs with Congress but still there are parts of India where its presence is marginal.
  • The Editor feels that sensational results of the BJP as in 2014 are nearly impossible now in next General Elections but  if the BJP wants to retain power in 2019 it will need to gather seats from these states as well to compensate losses elsewhere in the Country.
  • The Editor believes that the BJP needs to do a lot more before it can be regarded as truly present pan-India ad the Congress once was.


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