Editorial Simplified : 22nd April

Editorial Simplified : 22nd day of April 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : The right reply


Uttarakhand High Court has overruled the centre’s decision to impose article 356 in Uttarakhand prompting Harish Rawat’s govt to prove its majority in a floor test

Constitutional Impropriety

  • In spite of option of using the floor test to prove majority, centre govt, inexplicably recommended president’s rule in Uttarakhand
  • High Court has pulled up centre govt for ‘imposing chaos’ and looking for an opportunity to take away powers of state govt.
  • It has ruled material produced by centre for imposing article 356 as ‘irrelevant’ and ‘extraneous’

Not Unprecedented

  • Abuse and misuse of article 356 has been done continuously
  • In BOMMAI CASE, Supreme Court evolved the guidelines on its use; one of which is that majority of a govt could be tested only on floor of the house.

Co-operative Federalism Undermined

This act of constitutional impropriety by centre govt undermines the spirit of cooperative federalism set out as a principle governing centre-state relations by PM Modi.

Editorial : Grain of truth


Punjab’s wheat payment crisis

What is the Issue?

Government agencies have procured tonnes of wheat from Punjab;  but farmers haven’t got payment which would be worth over Rs 9,900 crore at (MSP) of Rs 1,525 per quintal.

Why Government has not paid?

Non-availability of working capital from banks for funding procurement.

What do the banks say?

Mismatch in accounts for previous years i.e. monies lent for procurement, are not backed up by actual grain stocks with state agencies

What does Punjab government say?

denied the allegation of “missing stocks”

Center’s intervention

  • Centre’s intervention possibly guided by assembly elections due next March ; has led to the release of a cash credit installment for the state.
  • Centre has also constituted a committee to look into the reconciliation of stocks

Larger Issue

raises the larger question of the very need for physical procurement, stocking and distribution of grain on the scale done now.

Way forward

strengthens the case for direct transfers in MSP operations


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Editorial : Reasons and excuses for violence

The Kashmir valley has been a theater of violence for many years now. The presence of army has causes further resentment in the people.
Important points

  • Recently there was violence in Handwara town in Kashmir over alleged molestation bid on a young woman by a soldier.
  • Five people died in the incident.
  • The truth was found when the woman submitted before the Chief Judicial Magistrate that she was assaulted by a local youth not by an army man.
  • The facts are still contested but the larger reason of protests evidently was the resentment in civilians against the obtrusive presence of army.


  • The response from locals holds out a lesson for the Centre that such incidents will recur as long as deeper political engagement eludes Kashmir. 
  • It is understandable that reducing army presence in Kashmir is not an immediate possibility, but steps such as reducing the deployment of army in densely populated areas and ensuring accountability for their actions should help further peace in the fragile valley.

Editorial : A misguided ban in Delhi

The Delhi Government recently banned surge pricing by taxi aggregators and imposed second phase if odd even scheme. This editorial evaluates the situation.
Important Points

  • The odd-even scheme may be a welcome intervention to reduce traffic congestion on roads but the ban on surge pricing is likely to continue even after odd even scheme’s second phase ends .
  • Arbitrary interventions in the demand and supply market by government seem pointless in absence of alternative solutions.

What is surge pricing
It is basically an algorithm based mechanism that determines fares based on demand and supply. Some Other means in transport sector are allowed surge pricing eg Airlines and Railways have the flexibility.

  • In general the aggregators have helped customer with more taxi options and reduced prices.
  • Some regulations for taxis are offcourse needed to ensure safety of the commuters such as the guideline that aggregators cannot be owners of fleet unless registered as operators.
  • But such obtrusive regulation would work against the interests commuters and drivers.


A more useful intervention would have been to enhance public awareness if how these algorithms work in commuter’s favour and at most cap surge pricing to a predetermined multiple of regular rate. The government should also do more to provide better modes of public transport.


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