Editorial Simplified : 23rd May

Editorial Simplified : 23rd day of May 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : Crude risk


Lowering of crude prices in last couple of years presented a much welcomed cushion to Indian Govt. However, now crude prices are on upward swing indicating a reversed trend


  • Low oil prices provided a cushion against inflation that would normally have accompanied two consecutive years of drought
  • they also helped halve the value of India’s oil imports and, in turn, reduce its current account deficit
  • cheap crude has conferred in the form of a fiscal windfall for the Centre (raised excise duty on petro products and reduced under recoveries of oil marketing companies)

Warning sign

  • If crude were to cross the $ 50/barrel mark, there is the possibility of pressures on all three fronts — inflation, current account and fiscal — returning.
  • A good monsoon can mitigate the first risk.
  • Two problems of current account deficit and fiscal deficit will need lot of consideration.

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Editorial : The turn of the strongman


Left Democratic front won assembly polls in Kerala. But the face of the party Mr Achuthanandan was not chosen as the Chief Minister, instead Mr Vijayan was made Chief Minister. The editorial studies the situation.

Important Points

  • The transition of power from Mr Achuthanandan to Mr Vijayan was smoother than expected.
  • Though Achuthanandan was the face of the party but old age, ill health and political exigencies necessitated the relinquishing of his claim on Chief mentorship.
  • Mr Vijayan is on the other hand a party’s organisational strongman and enjoys support from all tiers of the party but lacks the mass appeal of Mr Achuthanandan.
  • Mr Vijayan was however the backbone of the party, holding the organisation together within disciplinary framework.

What lies ahead for the new Chief Minister.

  • The state of Kerala needs investment badly and Mr Vijayan does not seem averse to big investments.
  • Kerala also needs harmonious balancing between industrial growth and social welfare.
  • Mr Vijyan should also  keep in mind that retaining power in Kerala is easier than regaining it while he readies himself to govern the politically conscious state.

Editorial : Inclusion plus development


The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) won the recently concluded Assembly polls in Assam. The editorial delves into the new development.

Important Points

  • The BJP led alliance won for the first time in Assam after 15 years of consecutive Congress rule.
  • The BJP’s successful campaign was mounted on the agenda of solving the issue of illegal immigrants especially from Bangladesh and ushering in over all development.
  • The BJP insists that Assam has voted for change, for prosperity, for peace and good governance.

Issues and challenges ahead

  • The promise of sealing the 263 Km border the State shares with Bangladesh has to be kept although the onus for this lies on the Central Government.
  • The state is in dire need of development as one third of the population of the state lives below the poverty line and human development indicators are among the worst in the country.
  • The promises such as that of giving Schedule Tribe status to six indigenous tribes of Assam also need to be dealt with.


  • Assam is a mosaic of ethnic and religious groups of uncommon diversity, the BJP led alliance must come to terms with ground realities.
  • The new government must reassure the minorities as well.
  • The State of Assam needs a development narrative in its social tapestry.


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