Editorial Simplified : 25th April

Editorial Simplified : 25th day of April 2016

This Series of posts covers the essential Editorial from prominent newspapers. The Editorial from the newspapers are compiled by the Subject Teachers form the Academy and provided in notes format so that the aspirants does not waste their precious time in sifting through the newspapers. 

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Editorial : Challenges for Indian IT


While the current scenario is comfortable for the IT sector in terms of financial results, it should not create any kind of complacency. The article discusses challenges for Indian IT sector.

What are the concerns

  • Nasscom revised its projection for export growth for the sector to a little downwards to 12.3 per cent from the earlier range of 12-14 per cent.
  • A major challenge is for the industry to take care of its image in its key markets, the US and Europe. (Context – The massive fine imposed by a jury in the US on TCS on charges of stealing another company’s intellectual property).
  • As routine IT jobs get automated, these companies will have to shift their focus of recruitment to higher skill levels.

What’s the solution to these problems

  • Increase local recruitment in foreign countries. This will reduce the need for posting Indian engineers abroad.
  • IT firms will increasingly be hiring fewer people with higher skills.
  • IT sector instead of being a provider of many middle-class jobs, will need to turn itself into a provider of fewer high-skill jobs.

Editorial : Transforming India needs planning


The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) (within the personnel ministry) has issued a major report. It is made by eight teams of secretaries. The report has been titled Transforming India. It aims at several points, targets and schemes towards sustained, inclusive growth.

But the report still leaves a few questions

  • Most fundamental one is about the nature of the state that will be tasked to accomplish these heroic feats.
  • The other question is about the overall unity of the plans provided in the document. Individual targets in various sectors are all very well; but how do they hang together?

What could be done

  • Department of Administrative Reforms should produce a major vision document for the future of the Indian state (without getting into reforms of how the state operates).
  • Staffing, accountability and responsiveness within the state need to be made much more transparent and flexible.
  • Attempt shall be made to solve the problems
    • Of prioritisation
    • Of backward and forward inter-linkages
    • Of spillovers and bottlenecks.

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Editorial : Kashmir Lessons


Protests erupted in Handwara in Kashmir after the rumored molestation of a school girl by an army man. Security forces fired at protestors killing five of them

Changing Perceptions in Valley

  • Not many Kashmiri youths are turning into militancy ,but some of the who are, enjoy considerable support; they are viewed as sons of the soil standing against oppression rather than proxy warriors of neighboring country.
  • Changed priorities of central govt about telling people what to wear and eat/ who marries whom/ wearing patriotism on sleeve/ equating religion with nationalism etc has alienated the Kashmiris further

 BJP-PDP Marriage of incompatibility

  • PDP alliance with BJP in the state is seen as betrayal of political aspirations of Kashmiris.
  • Reluctance of PDP in forming of govt after the death of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed did not placate the doubts of Kashmiris about the alliance

Way Forward

  • Retrieving the situation will need more than narrative of development and security
  • AFSPA needs to be amended to end immunity of soldiers
  • Centre has to consider its redlines of talking with all Kashmiri leaders and with Pakistan

Editorial : Art of trifling


Art of Living Foundation stood in the way of National Green Tribunal (NGT) who was to inspect the environmental damage caused by World Cultural Festival hosted by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Yamuna floodplains in Delhi.

Nobody Else to Blame

  • NGT allowed the event after almost every preparation of the event (Infrastructure, guest list etc) was done before NGT had chance to intervene
  • NGT asked event holders to compensate for the environment loss (demanded 5 crores) but inexplicably agreed to allow the show on payment of 25 lakh.

Various bad precedents are set

  • Is it legitimate to disturb environment in return of a monetary compensation?
  • Authority of a tribunal is not absolute but can be bargained with as if it is a market entity


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Editorial : Building on the Paris Agreement


This editorial deals with the Paris Climate Agreement which was recently signed by 174 countries and the European Union.

Important points

  • The parties to Paris Agreement on Climate Change have committed themselves that a range of action must be undertaken to keep the rise in global average temperature well below 2 degrees Celsius over Pre-industrial levels.
  • The challenge before developing countries now is to find methods for emission cuts which won’t hurt their economic growth.
  • The United Nation framework Convention on Climate Change accepts the differentiated responsibility on climate change which are not responsible for accumulated Carbon dioxide as opposed to developed nations which historically reaped the benefit of their extensive use of fossil fuels.

India and Climate Change

  • India faces the dual challenge of having to emit large volumes of carbon dioxide for growth while also preparing to adapt to destructive weather events like drought etc. 
  • For emission cuts in India sound national policies are needed in the key areas such as energy, transport and infrastructure.
  • Doubling cess on coal and keeping fuel prices high by taxation are welcome but these must translate into funding for green alternatives.
  • National Electric Mobility Mission Plan aims to put 7 million electric cars on road but for this corresponding infrastructure for charging etc needs to be developed. 
  • Rooftop solar subsidy programmes are being made but their success needs a stronger backing by the state.

The funding for initiatives needed for the Paris agreement should arrive from wealthy states. The success of the climate agreement will ultimately depend on whether rich countries like USA fund innovation and open source their green technologies to developing nations. 

Editorial : To Brexit or not to Brexit


Recently there have been voices in Britain calling for its exit from European Union(EU).  The editorial examines the situation.

Important points

  • Britain joined  the EU in 1973 under a conservative prime minister.
  • The strong memory of imperialist history of Britain makes it really difficult for its political class to submit to Franco-Germany dominated EU.
  • The main argument for exiting the EU perceived loss of sovreignty.
  • Other arguments include failure of EU to deal with refugee crisis and massive inflow from Syria.
  • The objectives of Britain’s membership of EU have been always economic and Bt leaving the EU Britain runs the risk of loosing its voice in the world’s largest trading bloc.
  • Britain would also probably loose EU immigrants working in the country who obviously contribute a good chunk to British tax kitty. 
  • Even USA has signaled that its special relationship with Britain would carry real meaning only if it translates into an effective voice inside EU.

It is apparent from the discussion that British interests would be better served if it keeps its rightful place at the European Union.

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