India’s Foreign Trade | PIB Summary

India’s Foreign Trade


  • MERCHANDISE: The trade deficit for April-March, 2016-17 was estimated at US$ 105722.55 million which was 10.95% lower than the deficit of US$ 118716.53 million during April-March, 2015-16.
  • SERVICES: As per RBI’s Press Release dated 13th April 2017, the trade balance in Services (i.e. net export of Services) for February, 2017 was estimated at US$ 5825 million. The net export of services for April- February, 2016-17 was estimated at US$ 59302 million which is lower than net export of services of US$ 64429 million during April- February, 2015-16. (The data for April-February 2015-16 and 2016-17 has been derived by adding April-February month wise QE data of RBI Press Release).
  • OVERALL TRADE BALANCE: Overall the trade balance has improved. Taking merchandise and services together, overall trade deficit for April- March 2016-17 is estimated at US$ 46420.55 million which is 14.49 percent lower in Dollar terms than the level of US$ 54287.53 million during April-March 2015-16. (Services data pertains to April-February 2016-17 as February 2017 is the latest data available as per RBI’s Press Release dated 13th April 2017)
  • India’s Foreign Trade

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