North Korea Crisis | RSTV Summary

North Korea has considerably upgraded its nuclear weapons arsenal and capability which is increasing tensions in the Korean peninsula. It has conducted the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) tests. President Trump has strongly reverted back by pointing that the American Government can reply using the analogy of fire and fury. This situation is compared to the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.

  • North Korea-USA relations are antagonistic in nature since the Korean War. Since the Korean War of 1950s, the US has regularly maintained a strong military presence in South Korea and Japan.
  • North Korea maintains a huge military force as per its ‘military-first’ policy. It ranks third after the US and Russia in the possession of nuclear weapons.
  • North Korea has been testing nuclear weapons since 2006. The latest tests have launched missiles that flew over Japan and ultimately it threatened the US territory of Guam.
  • President Trump has warned of signalled his intention to send the US Carl Winson super carrier and its carrier strike group to the Korean peninsula.

Impact of a future war –

  • Causalities and financial losses will be immense including the losses to world economy.
  • Rise in debt levels of US and ripple down effects to the whole world impacting the global supply chains.
  • In case of entering of war in South Korea, it being one of the largest hubs of electronics manufacturing, would create shortages across the world.
  • There would be a large scale migration of refugees from North Korea to China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries.

Conclusion –
It would be better if some diplomatic resolution is adopted to freeze the war. China holds the key to this diplomatic resolution as it is the largest trade partners of North Korea (DPRK). US should put more pressure on China and Russia who possess some leverage on the rogue state of North Korea.

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