Mains 2019 – Comprehensive Course

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30 Words in One Minute

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The Mains exam is where your fate is decided. While Prelims exam being extremely tough but is still a qualifying exam. The Mains exam is scoring in nature and the extremely vast scope of exam makes it difficult to choose if anything has to be skipped. And hence, we need to finish everything. At the same time, every exam requires you to write 20 questions in 180 minutes. After rationalizing, it comes out to be 30 Words per minute at which you need to write the answers. Raj Malhotra’s IAS’ Mains Comprehensive course focuses on Answer Writing with relevance in least time!

What all will be covered?

01 Political Issues

02 Economic Issues

03 Geography

04 Environmental Issues

05 Indian Culture

06  Modern History

07 Post-Independence History

08  World History

09 Science & Technology

10  Social Issues & Social Justice

11 Security Issues

12  Ethics

13 Governance

14  International Relations

15 Disaster Management

Regular 7 Months Classes

To ensure the coverage of syllabus gradually and comprehensively!

6 Days a Week

To give adequate time to CSAT preparation and personal life.

3.5 Hours Daily

The classes will be more comprehensive than any classes ever held for Prelims.

Weekly Current Affairs Classes

To Cover all important events and current affairs spread over 2 years.

Stage Wise Test Series

Stagewise test series to help you analyze yourself better on where you stand and where do you need to put more efforts.

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