News Update : 15th Jan. 2016

News Update : 15th day of Jan. 2016

News update covers the essential news articles from various newspapers segregated according to various subjects falling under the realm of civil services preparations.

The aspirants are advised to make their own notes for future reference (Point wise)

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Economy”]

  1. Stagflation risk ahead
  2. Think again, at WTO
  3. Getting the RBI elephant to dance
  4. Startups for tax breaks, single window system

[accordion_content accordion_label=”International Relations and Security”]

  1. Bet on peace
  2. India, Pakistan agree to put off Foreign Secretary talks
  3. Al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri calls for attacks over Saudi executions

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Polity and Governance”]

  1. The case against customary exclusion
  2. The Lokayukta Travesty
  3. Government to hold talks with WIPO

[accordion_content accordion_label=”World Affairs”]

  1. Return of terror in Indonesia
  2. Pakistan’s polio plan needs global support
  3. U.S. pumps in $8 million to map drug-resistant infections in India
  4. N. Korean fury over ‘sinister’ Davos snub

[accordion_content accordion_label=”General Reading”]

  1. Tech tonic for the heart of India
  2. Discover, invent in India
  3. Happy birthday, Wikipedia
  4. Road accidents kill 380 persons a day, lawmakers must address the carnage on our streets
  5. Stop singing this deshbhakti song
  6. WHO declares end to Ebola epidemic

If you have read any other important article today apart from the above do share it with your fellow aspirants in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion. 

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