News Update : 22nd Jan. 2016

News Update : 22nd day of Jan. 2016

News update covers the essential news articles from various newspapers segregated according to various subjects falling under the realm of civil services preparations.

The aspirants are advised to make their own notes for future reference (Point wise)

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Economy”]

  1. ‘Tax elite to reduce inequality’
  2. Davos leaders look beyond 2016’s early market mayhem
  3. Act local
  4. Ninety seven per cent of retail transactions still cash-based, says USAID report

[accordion_content accordion_label=”International Relations and Security”]

  1. The road from Pathankot
  2. And diplomacy won
  3. For A More Fruitful Future
  4. Grim reminder in Charsadda
  5. Vulnerable targets
  6. India sets agenda for Foreign Secretary talks with Pakistan
  7. Putin ‘probably’ approved spy’s murder
  8. Pakistan’s nuke warheads aimed at deterring India: U.S. report

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Polity and Governance”]

  1. Food Security Act to cover all States by April
  2. J&K gets ‘Nai Manzil’
  3. Food Security Act to cover all States by April

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Environment and Ecology”]

  1. ‘Asia’s cleanest village’ clings on to its serenity
  2. Public reluctant to drop diesel for CNG

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Science & Technology”]

  1. International Solar Alliance set to be operational in 6 months
  2. Restoring power
  3. Solar trends for 2016
  4. You are here

[accordion_content accordion_label=”General Reading”]

  1. India may cease to be ‘pharmacy of the world’
  2. Agriculture research: the way forward
  3. Demographic dividend down, standard of living up
  4. Compassion on death row cases
  5. Rich must open their wallets more to remove inequalities

If you have read any other important article today apart from the above do share it with your fellow aspirants in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion. 

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