News Update : 27th Feb. 2016

News Update : 27th day of Feb. 2016

News update covers the essential news articles from various newspapers segregated according to various subjects falling under the realm of civil services preparations.

The aspirants are advised to make their own notes for future reference (Point wise)

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Economy”]

  1. ‘Invest in welfare, undertake reforms’
  2. Rich feed off subsidies
  3. Karnataka 3rd highest in FDI
  4. Private finance vital for India to reach climate goals: Survey
  5. Cautious optimism
  6. Only 5.5% who earn are tax payers: Economic Survey
  7. RBI must redeploy its capital in state-owned banks
  8. DBT “jammed” by last-mile challenge
  9.  Efficient Fiscal Management
  10. Economy faces risks: India Inc
  11. Govt has increased capex this year, but is it enough?
  12. State, market, institutions: Arvind Subramanian’s imprint on the Economic Survey

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Polity and Governance”]

  1. SC does U-turn, admits plea for Court of Appeal
  2. Jat quota stir erases bonhomie among communities in Haryana
  3. President calls for thorough IPC revision
  4. Slow labour reforms hurt ‘good’ jobs
  5. Gas prices must be linked to market
  6. Survey outlines steps to boost Make in India
  7. India has 3rd largest base of start-up firms
  8. How to govern dissent

[accordion_content accordion_label=”International Relations & Security”]

  1. Modi’s $ 1-billion credit line to Mongolia to start rolling soon
  2. BRICS bank set to fund green energy projects
  3. Sri Lanka contemplating joining TPP
  4. ‘Democracy at stake in Maldives’
  5. Survey questions India’s stand at WTO

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Environment & Ecology”]

  1. Bees are vanishing: U.N. report

[accordion_content accordion_label=”General Reading”]

  1. Kerala panel raps Child Welfare Committees
  2. Fund crunch hits Indian drug trial
  3. Prevent access to child pornography, Centre told
  4. Aviation fuel tax lower than petrol, diesel
  5. What it means to be ‘national’
  6. The false binary


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