First Integrated Heliport | PIB Summary

The First Integrated Heliport was dedicated to the Nation by Ministry of Civil Aviation in association with Pawan Hans today at Rohini, Delhi.


It is a part of National Aviation Policy to have four of these, one in each region and Rohini’s heliport is the first step.

About Rohini Heliport

  • It has been completed in almost two years at a cost of nearly 100 crores.
  • It consists of a terminal building having capacity of 150 passengers, 4 hangers with parking capacities for 16 helicopters and 9 parking bays.


  • It has an excellent infrastructure but it should be noted that helicopter services in India are still at a nascent stage.
  • The facility will keep the cost under control as MRO facility has been incorporated.
  • This would also help in job creation.
  • The facility will be useful in providing medical emergency, public safety and enhancing tourism.

Significance of Rohini Heliport

  • This Heliport will provide all helicopter operational facilities and will decongest busy Indira Gandhi International Airport, and also promote Regional Air connectivity through helicopters in the northern part of the country for regular passenger services, heli services, landing & parking of helicopters, Helicopters Maintenance Services (MRO), disaster management, helicopter emergency medical services (HeMS), law & order surveillance.
  • Helicopter services could become economically viable if the prevailing 25% tax on ATF was reduced.

Future projects

  • Pawan Hans has also prepared a roadmap to connect all the major destination from this Heliport such as Ex-Delhi to Shimla, Haridwar, Dehradun Mathura, Agra, Meerut and Industrial Hubs such as Manesar, Bahadurgarh etc. They will provide air connectivity between Delhi and neighbouring cities from Rohini Heliport.
  • Regional connectivity will be fully achieved when we are able to connect at least all capital cities with district headquarters by air, which can be made possible only by combination of smaller planes and helicopters for seamless connectivity.

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