Kayakalp Awards | PIB Summary

Kayakalp awards are awarded for the work in maintaining high standards of sanitation and hygiene in public health facilities. The thrust of Kayakalp is to inculcate culture of cleanliness for gaining the trust and confidence of community in these facilities.

Kayakalp Awards | Background

  • The Kayakalp scheme was launched in 2015 covering 10 Central Government Institutions and District Hospitals in the year of launch.
  • The system adopted for central Government institutions follows a two tier assessment process of internal and external assessment followed by decision by a Jury constituted in the Ministry.
  • In the states, Kayakalp awards are declared based on score arrived at through a three tier assessment system of internal, peer and external assessment.  

Kayakalp Awards | Highlights

  • This year the scheme expanded coverage to 16 Central Government institutions including 6 new AIIMSs and all Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and Community Health Centres (CHCs). Thus, in the current year the Kayakalp assessment in States covered over 700 District hospitals, over 5,000 CHCs and over 25,000 PHCs.
  • Many good practices have been initiated like emphasis on good cleaning practices, pest control, measuring infection control etc. and healthy competition amongst healthcare facilities is motivating them to go an extra mile in pursuit of excellence.
  • The ICT based application ‘Mera Aspataal (My Hospital)’ captures patients’ feedback about their experience in the health facilities on the services that they received or sought to receive.
  • MOHFW have launched a joint initiative with the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation  Swachh Swasth Sarvatra. Under this initiative Community Health Centres (CHCs) in Open Defecation Free (ODF) blocks will be supported to achieve Kayakalp certification and Gram Panchayat of Kayakalp Primary Health Centres (PHCs) will be prioritized to become ODF.

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