Pinaka Rocket | PIB Summary

Trails of guided Pinaka Rocket were successfully conducted at Integrated Test Range (ITR) Balasore in two phases on 12th and 24th Jan 2017 with range of 65 km and 75 km, respectively.

About Pinaka Rocket

  • The guided version of Pinaka incorporates Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)/ Global Positioning System (GPS) for the mid-course guidance with accuracy of 60m to 80m at all ranges. In the recent trials conducted, the desired accuracy has been achieved. 
  • Pinaka has been design and developed for induction into Army after successful User Trials.
  • Two Regiments of Pinaka Unguided Version have already been inducted in Army.
  • Current trials have been conducted for demonstrating the feasibility of the development of Guided Version of Pinaka Rocket using the same Launcher and Ammunition Configuration.

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