Sagar Parikarma Project | PIB Summary

An amount of Rs.6 crores was sanctioned for the project Sagar Parikarma 1 including Rs.4.3 crores for construction of the boat, Mhadei.  An amount of Rs. 72 lakhs was sanctioned for ‘Sagar Parikarma 2’

About Project Sagar Parikarma

  • Project ‘Sagar Parikarma’ was launched in 2007.
  • The objective of the project was solo-circumnavigation of the Globe in a sailboat.
  • This was successfully accomplished in 2009-10 by a Naval Officer.
  • After the success of ‘Sagar Parikarma  I’, in 2012-13, ‘Sagar Parikarma  II’ was undertaken with a solo ‘non-stop’ circumnavigation by another Naval Officer.


  1. To inspire the youths of India to develop an understanding of the sea and a sense of adventure and spirit.
  2. To instill in the young officers of the Navy a sense of national pride and achievement through a successful solo-circumnavigation voyage.

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