Nuclear Abolition : Justification

Nuclear Abolition - Justification

Nuclear Abolition | Humanitarian Necessity:

  • No effective humanitarian response possible
  • Effects of radiation on human beings would cause suffering and death many years after initial explosion.
  • Eliminating nuclear weapons – via a comprehensive treaty – only guarantee against their use.

Nuclear Abolition | Direct and Constant Threat to mankind

  • Far from keeping peace – breed fear and mistrust among nations.
  • Ultimate instruments of terror and mass destruction – no legitimate military or strategic utility.
  • Uselessness in addressing any of today’s real security threats like terrorism, climate change, extreme poverty, overpopulation and disease.

Note :

  • More than 40,000 nuclear weapons have been dismantled since end of cold war.
  • Nations still hold fast to misguided idea of “nuclear deterrence”.

Nuclear Abolition | Environmental Concers

  • Only devices ever created with capacity to destroy all complex life forms on Earth.
  • Less than 0.1% of explosive yield of current global nuclear arsenal can bring about devastating agricultural collapse and widespread famine.

Nuclear Abolition | Economic Concerns

  • Divert public funds from health care, education, disaster relief and other vital services.
  • Nine nuclear-armed nations spend in excess of US$105 billion each year maintaining and modernizing their nuclear arsenals.
  • US alone spends more than US$60 billion annually, and Britain’s plans to replace its ageing fleet of nuclear-armed Trident submarines could cost taxpayers over £100 billion.

Note :

  • Despite renewed commitments by nations to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world, all of nuclear powers continue to invest disproportionate sums of money in their nuclear forces.
  • Funding allocated to national disarmament efforts is minuscule by comparison.
    It’s fine for some countries to possess nuclear weapons When it comes to nuclear weapons, there are no safe hands. So long as any country has these weapons, others will want them, and the world will be in a precarious state.
    It’s unlikely that nuclear weapons will ever be used again. Unless we eliminate nuclear weapons, they will almost certainly be used again, either intentionally or by accident, and the consequences will be catastrophic
    Nuclear weapons provide a useful deterrent against attack. Nuclear weapons do not deter terrorists. Nuclear-armed nations are actually more vulnerable to pre-emptive strike and terrorist targeting than non-nuclear countries.
    Nuclear weapons can be used legitimately in war Any use of weapons would violate international humanitarian law because they would indiscriminately kill civilians and cause long-term environmental harm.

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