Saudi Arabia: Crisis of legitimacy

India-Saudi Arabia Few days ago, the Financial Times published an article showing how Saudi Arabia had lost market share in more than half of its most important client countries for crude oil. An embattled Saudi regime is confronting a convergence of crucial challenges at the domestic as well as international levels. Internal conflicts in the …

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Transnational Corporations and sovereignty

In the last few decades the activities of transnational corporations aided by tax havens on one side and terrorists on the other side have destroyed the concept of nation state and its sovereignty evolved after the 30 years’ war in 1648 in Westphalia. What is Westphalian sovereignty? Westphalian sovereignty is the principle of international law …

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Contemporary issues between India and Pakistan

You cannot defeat an enemy whom you cannot define. If Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism against India, then Pakistan is an enemy state. Realpolitik says we should accept it without any mincing of words. Apparently, India has failed to realise this earlier but it has slowly started to make peace with this reality. India has been …

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Dubai’s success story and lessons for India

As governments across the Middle East try to wean themselves off natural resources and build diversified, resilient economies, they should take some lessons from Dubai. It’s a remarkable story. In less than a generation, Dubai has transformed itself into a major centre for investment, commerce, and high-end culture. Although the 2008 global financial crisis hit …

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