Digital India

23rd October – Digital Payments

Digital payments Digital payments have found strong ground, especially in India, increasingly relegating all other modes of payments to the background. It is through a faster system of simultaneous debits and credits that the money value is transferred from one account to the other across banks. With such versatility and ease of settling financial transactions, …

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Digital India

29th July – A ‘digital Aatmanirbhar Bharat’

A Digital Aatmanirbhar Bharat Ever since the Central government announced the ban of Chinese apps, Indians have been forced to look for alternate applications. This is certainly a shot in the arm for the Indian app developers, who were ignored in the past due to the easy availability of popular apps like Tiktok, Helo etc. …

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Equalisation Levy

18th July – Equalisation Levy

A long-battle ahead on equalisation levy The battle-lines are once again drawn between the government and multinational companies over their tax liability in India. What’s different this time is that the dispute involves non-resident e-commerce operators such as Amazon, Netflix and Flipkart over the equalisation levy. What is the concern? The genesis of this quarrel …

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24th December – Right to internet

Just over a decade ago, the clamour for ‘right to internet’ began. The journey – Finland went a step further by famously legislating a right to broadband which meant a more reasonable universal service obligation requiring all telecommunication companies to provide all residents with a line of at least 1Mbps. In 2017, the Kerala government …

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