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India's health sector

13th April – India’s health sector

Rejuvenating India’s health sector Doctors and healthcare workers are the heroes of our battle against COVID 19. The coronavirus crisis has provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for a complete overhaul of India’s health sector. The rejuvenation of the health sector can provide the nucleus for remaking of India Post Coronavirus. Features of India’s …

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21st January – Equity’s weak pulse and commodified medicine

In 1924, the Madras presidency of British-India rolled out the Subsidised Rural Medical Relief Scheme (SRMRS), which was about providing temporary annual subsidies to doctors choosing to settle down and practise privately in villages specified by local boards. The scheme was then reckoned to be an economical way of expanding health-care access in rural areas. …

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18th January – Universal Healthcare

Most middle-class taxpayers in private jobs are stuck between the devil and the deep sea when it comes to accessing quality, and yet affordable, healthcare. Their faith in government hospitals is eroding, and dependence on expensive private hospitals is increasing. What is ‘Universal Healthcare’? In 1948, the World Health Organisation had enshrined ‘Universal Health Coverage’ …

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