PCS Mains Batch – Launched

PCS Mains

PCS Mains is fast approaching with the PCS Pre just over and many ups and downs seen by the aspirants. This year the aspirants are even more serious with their preparations than last year. There is a lot of guesswork going on after the Answer Key was posted by PPSC on their official website. Looking at the overall interaction of the aspirants, (physically, online and on Social Media), it would be safe to say that the cutoff this year for General Category could be in the range of 230+/- 10 Marks.

Not a big change from what was expected last year. Before we move forward a word of caution to all the aspirants :

Irrespective of how your Pre exam went, if you are in the above range we would suggest that you start your preparations early. PCS Mains will be there very soon. Let’s say you wait another month of so before you start preparing, you would be left behind those who have already started their preparations now. Start early and prepare well. Irrespective of what the cutoff is you will be in a win-win situation if you start early.

Having said that RMISG had conducted the Strategy Building Class yesterday (15th December, 2015)


As promised earlier we are always innovating and with this Induction Class to PCS Mains we stepped into the New Chapter, in our journey towards Student-Centric Education. The induction lecture for PCS Mains was conducted on three platform.

With our IT team working day in and day out we conducted the PCS Mains induction lecture at three different location at the same time. The Class was conducted physically at out Main Office in Chandigarh, at the same time it was broadcasted live to our three remote centers in Punjab and with new developments in the field of technology we were able to cater 46 students at their homes.

Yes, you read it right……at their homes

Here’s the break up :-

  1. Physical Class in Chandigarh Office : 19 Students Attended
  2. Three Remote centers : 23 Students Attended
  3. Online live broadcast : 46 Students Attended

This goes to show that the aspirants are serious about their preparations and we wish them all the very best. Do not hesitate to contact us for any help we can provide you in your preparations. To know more about our new technology and how you can receive the live classes at your home thereby saving around 50% on the course fee and 100% savings on rentals and other expenditures (You have to shell out a lot of money when shifting to Chandigarh) you may visit our office or call us.

To email your Query : Click Here

We would like to here from the students about their experiences of yesterday’s lecture. (Online students as well). This will help us to improve the user experience of the technology as well as to know what more we can strive for.

4 thoughts on “PCS Mains Batch – Launched”

  1. Many thanks for providing the class online sir. It is a great way for someone like me who cannot come to Chandigarh. The vedio and audio quality of the class was very good. Once the vedio was blurred for couple of seconds but otherwise it was a good experience. Kindly send me information on how I can register for the PCS Mains class. Thank You Sir

    1. Many thanks Jasmeet for an honest review. We have mailed you the details. We will be testing the system with the students on 19th December and there will be 3 Classes you can register for “free of charge”. Once you are satisfied we will do the needful for registering you into the PCS Mains course

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